Vibrant Splatter Turned MCM Dresser Into a Functional Art

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As we all know MCM pieces are very plain, but very well built. As a furniture painter these pieces are always a challenge for me. Their sleek design often makes get hard to make these pieces stand out. Well Kristi Kuehl Pure Home Paints and Finishes new Vibrant Splatter made this piece an easy transformation.
First I painted two coats of Kristi Kuehl Pure Home Paints and Finishes Slate gray on the front of the drawer and let it dry (great thing about these products is dry time is about 15 min). This helps the vibrant splatter work on any surface, even laminate.
Next I chose my colors Blue, White, Brown, Black, Yellow and Metallic Gold. I applied the colors randomly on the top of the drawer.
I then sprayed them lightly with water and applied plastic over the top so I can move the colors around.
Once they were completely blended I remove the plastic straight up and got a beautiful affect.
After it dried I applied Kristi Kuehl Pure Home Paints and Finishes NON-TOXIC Gloss Sealer and that's all it needed. I painted the body Sailor Blue and used the same Gloss Sealer.
All Kristi Kuehl Pure Home Paint and Finishes products are 100% VOC free, non-toxic and nursery safe.
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Unlike waxed finishes, Kristi Kuehl Pure Home Paint and Finishes sealers doesn't need to be reapplied to maintain it's protection. And, in addition, like any poly finishes, it has the protection to withstand all of life's daily bumps and dings, without the need of protective gear and long drying time. All our protective finishes, glazes and wood stains have a built-in UV protection and are water resistant. This high tech developed, state of the art resin, is acrylic based, non-toxic & VOC free. It doesn't contain any wax, so its much easier and safer than any others products out there. Our finishes have been developed to complement our many chalk paint colors or even raw wood.
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“Remember I'm refurbished ,

that means that I'm not new!

I have my imperfections,

but am I right for you?”
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  • Patty Patty on Aug 16, 2016
    Is your product similar to spit gel stains?

  • Debbi Rodgers Donegan Debbi Rodgers Donegan on Aug 16, 2016
    What is MCM?

  • Pat12372131 Pat12372131 on Oct 08, 2016
    Would this work on the top of my kitchen table, as it is scared up had finger nail polish remover spilled on it?

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