A Round Bed Gets a French Makeover!

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In my opinion, bedrooms should be the most relaxing and beautiful room in your home. It's where you start and end your day, so you want it to be an atmosphere that creates a happy & soothing mood. It's an easy fix to create a space you truly love.

I wanted to create a French country guest room that would make our guests feel like they were in their own private villa.

When I decorate a bedroom, I always start with a shock and awe bed to create a big focal point and work from there. I like dramatic headboards and usually build them large and tall. In this case, I found a very unique round bed for $150. I loved the ornate features and knew with a little TLC it could have a brand new identity.

Before: It looked like a collaboration of Barney and Liberace lol. Purple, while beautiful is not what I was looking for. It's not often one sees a round bed, and loving the unusual I was really excited to create the room design around it.

After removing what seemed like a thousand staples, the foam, and fabric I could see what I was dealing with underneath to decide how to proceed.

I wanted to open up the ornate frame so I removed the back plywood and foam pieces. This was a tedious process since I didn't want to damage the frame while taking it off. The staples were huge. This is a vintage piece so it is well made.

Originally, I planned to tuft the fabric beneath the scroll work, so I added pegboard and foam to the base, making it easy to find the holes from the back. I changed my mind at the end of the project and left it plain. Pegboard is somewhat flexible so it was a good choice for the base of the curved piece.

To give the bottom base more detail to match the headboard, I ordered 2 pieces of 5" flexible detail molding from Lowes. Each 8 piece was $26. I also added 6 decorative provincial feet. I ordered them from eBay a few years ago for another project. They were $30 for the set.

I spray-painted the entire frame brushed nickel by Krylon and glazed the details to age it.

A few years ago when Hancock fabrics were going out of business, I bought several bolts and remnants for 75% off. This French script was actually in fabric squares for pillows or chairs. It fit almost perfectly into the main opening. I added foam behind and stapled it into the frame, leaving the rest open. I used tan ticking from Walmart for the accent fabric and clearance metal button detail trim from Hobby Lobby.

The quote Translated: In order for the dullest event to become an adventure all you have to do is start talking about It.

Jean-Paul Sartre

Spray painting a thrifted $5 pot rack the same color as the bed, and adding Ikea linen curtains gives it the height and drama I like. Mixing the fancy headboard with linen curtains helps to tone down the formality.

I made 2 matching cornice boards with the leftover fabric and trim. I wanted all the textures in the room to be neutral and soft. I made silk tan and cream stripe curtains and mixed them with the tan linen Ikea curtains. A fur throw on the bed also adds rustic luxury, like the other pieces in the room.

I added throw pillows of different linen, fur, and satin textures. The velvet quilted comforter makes the bed so soft to the touch.

We get so many compliments on this room. It's tranquil and luxurious, the perfect place for sweet dreams!

There are so many DIY projects in this room, too many to put into one post, A fireplace makeover and an antique armoire that comes completely apart, are some of the projects you might want to see, so I will do another post to show the rest of the room soon. Please check back for that post and thank you for reading about this makeover!

Have a blessed day,


Suggested materials:
  • Bed $150   (Offer up)
  • 2 cans spray paint $7 each   (Lowes)
  • Pot rack $5   (Goodwill)
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  • Eden | crowsfeetinheels Eden | crowsfeetinheels on Apr 08, 2022

    Thank you, Melissa! I adore the round bed, you are so right about the shin problem though lol! It's a princess bed for sure! Thank you, for reading my post and sharing your comment!

  • Heather Ruiz Heather Ruiz on Apr 08, 2022

    Absolutely stunning. Everything is so beautiful. You are an artistic designer ♥️ TYFS