DIY Poster Dresser

Check out the remodel on this dresser for a unique nursery theme: Exploration and Adventure with Amelia Earhart. Under $65.00 for the entire project.
I found this dresser on a facebook resell site for $30.00
To spruce up the white, I bought some krylon satin white spray paint.
Then I used a paint brush to edge the drawers. This was Glidden Thai Teal from Home Depot (leftover from painting the nursery).
Edging the Thai Teal color on the drawers....
I then measured the lenght and width of the drawers and purchased this poster (36x24) from Amazon.
I went to Hobby Lobby and got an acid-free decoupage (8 oz.) for $5.99. I ended up using less than 1/2 this container.
I ordered a set of 10 knobs from Amazon that I thought would compliment the dresser.
I then measured each section of the poster to match the sections of dresser that I wanted the poster to cover. They were placed on a flat surface. Using a paintbrush, I pasted the decoupage on the back of each section, and carefully placed them on the drawers. I waited a day for the decoupage to settle, placed the knobs, and this was the final result!
Lastly, I put and old suitcase and some decor atop the dresser for my nursery theme: Exploration and Adventure.
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