How To Style A Nightstand!

Every day you see perfectly styled shelves, nightstands and coffee tables. All the while wishing you could make your home look like that! Well, I’m here to tell you, you can! Today I am going to show you How To Style A Nightstand! This may seem so simple for some of you but others may have a difficult time with decorating in general.
Those struggles are not foreign to me because I have had my fair share as well, so were going to go over the elements needed for a perfectly styled nightstand. These same tips can be used for bookshelves, end tables, or any vignette you may be working on. It is easy to become so terrified of the process that you freeze and do nothing instead. It’s scary to think of forking out money on items when you have no idea what to do with them once you get them home. There are so many different trends its like were on design overload and it can be especially confusing for the person that is just beginning to dabble in decorating.

Forget what other people love and the trends you’re  shown daily that try to brainwash you into thinking that what you love isn’t “in”. The most important thing about your home aside from it functioning is that you love it! So please go crazy and decorate with items YOU love my friend!
After years of trial and error, I now know that styling your space is probably the most important step in my opinion. This is where everything you have done begins to come together, where the layers are put in to create an inviting, lived-in space. This step can be done on any budget and absolutely should not be skipped. In the past, the nightstands in our homes have either been a total mess or completely plain because I didn’t think it was important to make them look “pretty” but I could not have been more wrong. After practicing adding the elements below I have finally found that I can do this and so can you, it just takes effort and a plan.
Lamp: The perfect lamp is essential to a properly styled nightstand. Make sure the lamps you purchase are going to put off the right amount of light, this is essential if you like to read in bed. Also, make sure the height is right for your space, a good way to do this is sit up in bed and the bottom of the shade should be close to chin level.
Art:  A wonderful way to fill the empty space between the wall and nightstand is by using art. You can lean it up against the wall, place it several inches above the nightstand or even do both and have several layered pieces. It will bring the eyes up and add height to the area. My entire life I had only seen people hang artwork high above the nightstand, so it felt a little weird the first time I did this but honestly, it looks 100 x’s better and is definitely something I will continue to do.
Books: Books are a staple on any nightstand and pretty books are even better! They also serve a purpose by adding height to anything you place on top of them, as well as an additional layer. Beautiful coffee table books are my favorite to use when styling a nightstand and they are always at arms reach if I need a good read.
Natural Elements: Bringing in any type of fresh flowers or plants is a must to make your bedroom feel luxurious. Over the past few years, I started picking up a bouquet at the grocery store now and then and I cannot tell you the difference it has made in our home. Yes, they don’t last long but I love the way they make our home feel, while also adding an extra layer of color, texture, and height. You can even use a few succulents in a vase as shown in the photo to keep things more gender neutral. If buying fresh flowers isn’t something that will work for you, there are tons of great faux options out there.
Texture: This is one of the most important things in any vignette this is like the icing on the cake and what will give you that curated look. In the photo above you can see the vase is a different texture than the lamp and the wood bead garland adds another textural element.  When you’re purchasing accessories try to choose items that vary in texture.
Height: Always strive to have variation in height. When I am getting ready to style an area I like to go through the house and pick things I think may look good and just spend some time playing with it until it looks just right. Something that doesn’t look good in one spot may look good in another. The art, lamp, and vase are all varying heights which gives the area dimension.
Color: Color is very important and can lighten or darken a space. Since we purchased dark bedroom furniture I wanted to lighten it up as much as possible so when choosing our color palette I went with lots of whites, grays, and blues. It is also important to keep your whole home color palette in mind here because you want every room to feel cohesive. You can stick with your color palette but add interest by mixing metals accents.
Trays: If things begin to feel cluttered to you or you feel something is missing. Adding a tray is a great way to make things look less cluttered and more intentional. Plus depending on the tray you choose you could be adding another texture.
I hope you all enjoyed these styling tips and that it also makes it easier for you the next time you tackle your nightstand. If you would like to see more decor and styling tips you can check out 30 Throw Pillows To Get Your Home Ready For Spring or How To Decorate Any Room In Your Home .
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  • Carole Carole on Apr 20, 2017
    I really like the water colour picture on the wall over the bedside. I think it is such a simple idea but so effective and something anyone can try their hand at.

  • Project Allen Designs Project Allen Designs on Apr 20, 2017
    Thank you so much for your sweet comments carole!