I Bid $11 for This?

I got a little inspired when I saw this solid wood 80's funky cabinet at an online auction. It was a local pickup so I thought why not?
This is my first post of a project here, so hopefully this will make sense in the end.

This piece was first cleaned up and then sanded to remove the crackled and orange shellac finish. I went to Lowe's and got a sample jar size of green paint by Valspar called Environ green, and one called brown velvet. ( looks like a chocolate bar). After sanding and removing the doors I filled in the screw holes with some wood putty and sanded it down.

I knew this was a good solid piece just had lots of scratches and dings to the surface.

Picked up some 10 inch legs again at Lowe's and added it to the bottom. The original height was only about 26 which was too low for practical use in my kitchen This thing stands nicely at 36 1/2 inches and is almost the exact height as the kitchen counter tops.

I wanted a slightly distressed look for the green areas and did not want the paint to totally cover the surface so my brush strokes are apparent.

Shopped around for some baskets to place inside. Was lucky to find two at Lowe's that worked well. I picked up some chalk board paint signs to attach to the front of the baskets.
Just gave the old girl a little brown velvet paint for the top and couldn't be more pleased with how this turned out.

I paid $30 for the baskets, which was more than the $11 for the end table and $7 for the paint (lots of left over for other projects) , $15 for the legs and hardware to attach it, & $ 2 for the chalk board signs from Michaels. The entire project only took about 5 hours and I have a nice accent piece for a blank kitchen wall. Hope you like it :-)
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