Re-purposed ...maybe Dr's Office Tables?

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Bought these for 2.00 each at local Habitat for Humanity. I had been looking for tables, with a good frame, and preferably interesting legs.
The legs, frame, and top were all connected by screws, underneath. I was really grateful that while the top was, pressed wood veneer..... the frame was actually pine. As my intention from the get go was to cover, and existing surface.
Then I acquired 2 pallets. The more stained, and weathered the better. With a square, and pencil I cut various straps to randomly assemble. With an 18 Guage staple gun, I attached them. If you don't have this, you could hand nail with finish nails.
I purposely arranged them in varying depths. This creates depth to the eye when they're sealed. I used the miter saw to get true edges. But it could be done with a circular saw, as this is an imprecise look.
Then I sanded, and affixed these quarter inch 2ft presanded pieces from Lowes. This creates a great edge, to hide edges, but also holds in epoxy. The epoxy is very thick, and self leveling pour epoxy. This is how you achieve a level surface while retaining depth.
I used this product, but there are many similar. This is why it's important to really save on the tables. As it took 2 of these to achieve a level surface. I recommend 24 hours in between each, in case you end up with rough spots ( I did).
The final step using old paint we had, and a can of polyurethane sealant. I used 80, and 120 grit to weather the painted frame. I used 50 grit on the legs, that added a brushed metal look. Then I went over all of it with polyurethane sealant (5.00 at Lowes)

I would say all in .....maybe 35.00
Suggested materials:
  • Epoxy x2   (Amazon)
  • Polyurethane are sold can   (Lowes)
  • Pallets   (Free, everywhere on Craigslist)
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  • Clay Clay on Jun 05, 2016
    You're welcome that's my 1st post, and you're the 1st to respond to my 1st. So, thank you!

  • William William on Jun 06, 2016
    Great Job! The glaze adds the pop! Looks great!