Team-Themed Nightstand

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3 Days

This project was all about giving solving a problem while also giving our little guy some creative control. For months, we've been setting his water bottle on the floor when he goes to bed at night, and we were also running out of room for his books. The solution - let him pick what kind of nightstand he wanted and whip up a simple, hanging design.

It was no surprise to us he wanted it to be a Packers nightstand. But the beauty of this project is you can purchase stickers and paint colors of any type to make it themed for another team, a show or movie character... the options are endless.

I started by grabbing some leftover plywood and cutting four pieces to width and length. I ripped each piece to 10" wide. The top and bottom pieces are 15 1/2" long and the sides are 11" long.

Next, I cut 45-degree angles on the ends of each board. I thought it would make for a cleaner look to mitre the corners, but you could also go with simple butt joints as well.

To assemble the nightstand, flip the boards over so mitred edges are facing down. Use painter's tape, as pictured, to tape each seam so it won't come apart when you fold the boards together. The tape serves as your clamps. Flip the boards back over once taped, and spread glue on each of the mitred edges.

Now fold the nightstand together to make the box and put tape on the final corner to hold it all together. You can see who was finally seeing the vision at this point. icon

After letting the glue dry for about 24 hours, I removed the tape. Now it's time to remove those pointy corners and sharp edges. I like how the rounded edges look, but this was also a safety thing with the nightstand right next to my son's bed. To do this, I first cut the points off each corner. I did this on the table saw with the blade again at 45 degrees. You could just round each corner with a router as well. Along with the four corners, I cut a small part off each of the outside edges on the side of the nightstand that will face away from the wall.

After cutting the points off, I used a palm sander to round over the edges.

Next, it was time to paint the box. I ordered Packers stickers for the nightstand, and I took them to Home Depot with me to match the paint colors as best as I could. I then bought one small paint sample of each color. Choose your own adventure, but I painted two sides, inside and out, in each color. I used painter's tape on the corners to make for clean lines.

I painted the mounting brackets and screw heads at the same time so they would blend in with the box as much as possible. Any L bracket should do, but I had these sitting around the shop to I used them.

In this photo you can see those slightly rounded edges and corners I referenced earlier.

Once the paint dries, slap on stickers of your choice!

Here is the finished product!

All set for the little guy's room.

I used the L brackets on the underside of the top of the box to mount the nightstand to the wall. It solved our two problems and our son loves it!

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Suggested materials:
  • 3/4" plywood
  • Paint samples
  • Team stickers
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