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I think the reason I am on such a DIY clay project kick these days is because of these Cactus Clay Ring Holders I recently made. The minute I saw that I could create these beautiful clay Ring Holders using just clay I was Sold.
I mean look at how cute these look and they are literally the perfect summer project!
Oven Bake Clay (this is the one I bought)
Baking Tray
The key to getting this beautiful glossy finish is because of DecoArt’s new Extreme Sheen paint line.
For this specific project I used the color Aquamarine and 24K Gold.
Since I knew I had to paint over the clay in the end hence I went with these neutral clay colors.
Creating the cactus isn’t as hard as it looks, just a little sculpting is involved.
And if we are being honest I am not at all the greatest sculptor on the planet but if I can create a cactus you guys can as well.
I first rolled out a a thick cylindrical cone which was going to be the main part of the cactus. For the “branches” of the cactus I created medium sized rolls but added a U bend in it.
Attaching the cactus “branches” onto the main part is also a really easy step, first you decided where you want to place each branch then you mould the clay slowly around the branches until they are firmly attached. Do smooth out any bumps.
I also created a mini little base for the cactus.
Since the clay wasn’t perfect looking, I kept with that theme and made the base rustic and a bit uneven as well.
Let it air dry for a few hours then place it on a baking sheet and bake at 275F for 15minutes.
Then comes the fun part, playing around with color.
I used the Aquamarine shade on the cactus and the underside of the base.
The Gold I used on the inside of the base  as well as to make the prickly needles.

I let it dry before I went in and added the Gold colored “prickly needles”.
With a really thin tip brush I made the tiny dots all around the cactus. Adding such a small little detail really made it into a realistic looking cactus.
Since I loved how this turned out I ended up creating two prism shaped ring holders.
I painted one completely Gold and the other half gold with dots.
I mean honestly how stinking cute did these turn out!
My brain is on a roll with ideas on how I can make these ring holders in a million different colors.
So what do you guys think?
Will you make these fun little ring holders?
Suggested materials:
  • Oven bake clay
  • Extreme sheen paint
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  • Irene Irene on Sep 02, 2017
    Great idea, would make 'quick and easy' (some of us aren't so quick!) gifts for any occasion. I'll add it to my never ending list of things I want to do!

  • Cyndi Valerino Cyndi Valerino on Apr 19, 2018

    Very adorable! I'll be making these! But I generally use what I have on hand and I don't have the awesome colors. Ah well.

    Very cute.