Portable Costume Jewellery Display

My Wife started an online business selling costume jewellery, unfortunately here in Colombia the internet is still in it's infancy and to many just a novelty, they want to see and feel, what they are buying! Therefore she has had to diversify and also attend Bazaars. She wanted some displays that she could easily move in the car. So I came up with three, two of which were liked, and the third a complete fail, as you will see!
The main display is in the form of a wooden case, which when shut, measures 110cm x 45cm.

I used 3mm plywood for the carcase, this is normally used for door skins, and being braced, was plenty strong enough.

The two sides are braced with 1" x 1/2" pine strips, glued into place to form the separate sections of the display. The two sides are joined with a piano hinge,
At this stage I then stained and varnished the case, after which, using spray glue, I then lined each section with a velour material, and on the lid section placed self adhesive miniature hooks to hold necklaces.

The lid is supported by a fine chain either side, these are hooked, so that they can be removed when you close the case.
The handle I bought,, and the case is just shut with a hook and eye on either side. I was working on a tight budget...OK there was no budget! so everything had to be relatively cheap.

However this is getting plenty of use. Now for the fail!
Not having a budget, my wife also wanted a 'T' arm for displaying bracelets, so I went for the cheapest option, and that was plumbing drainage parts. I had the 1 1/2" pipe, I just had to buy the central joint and stop ends. The wooden base was out of the scrap bin.
The parts were painted then glued together using PVC plumbers glue, just because I had it, any glue would have done for this.
finally I sprayed glue on the velour material and stuck it on the pipe.

You can tell I am not into the jewellery trade, I thought it looked...OK! but my Wife returned and said "No lo Quiero" (I don't want it), she said it looked as if I had cut it off the toilet!

So it was back to the drawing board for the final attempt.
Still not having a budget, I raided my plumbing stock, such as it was, and built these out of copper pipe, I polished the pipe, and then varnished it, to extend the time before it becomes tarnished, one 'rail is higher than the other, and they can be moved in the base, to accommodate the space they will be standing in.

Yes these passed muster, and are in use...the fail went out in the trash! :)
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