Converted a China Hutch to a Kitchen Island

Susan Davia
by Susan Davia
2 Materials
2 Hours
we had a huge china hutch that for years housed our daily use dishes and collectibles....When we started the kitchen reno we decided to convert this into a kitchen island....

this was the old china hutch..a heavy oak unit..we removed the top portion,dismantled the shelving from the back and iron brackets
this will be a future project,re-purposing 6 iron brackets
this is what the back of the shelving can see where the shelves use to be...
and this is what the front and sides looked like...
we took a 6'2" x 24" counter top from Ikea to use as the top of the new island...
We used liquid nails to attach the counter top to the base of the china hutch
the lower half of the china hutch,the back of the base was only
plywood... also the back did not go all the way to the floor,our large husky was able to get his head completely under this....
to address the bland back of the lower base we used the back of the upper part of the china hutch.
We only had to trim it by a mere 1-1/2 inches...we also took it down to the floor so it was completely closed in the back
we now have a nice size island with extra storage and additional seating...
the final result for the kitchen island along with the final result of the kitchen reno
Suggested materials:
  • China hutch   (already had)
  • Countertop   (Ikea)
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