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If you build a kid a desk they will…

Most likely just climb on it but still, there is at least a potential for learning now!

We recently completed Eli’s big boy room renovation & now we are moving onto phase 2: Decorating!

He has the sweetest little bump out in his room where the dormer is & it is absolutely perfect for a cozy reading nook!

Plus I thought it could double for a place for him to write, color, maybe do homework someday who knows.

This little makeover needed to be done on the super-budget savvy side so I decided I would try my hand ( & tools) & build my own!

Not in the building mood? Find my favorite budget kids desk + chair options below!

Find my favorite budget kids desk & chairs at the bottom of the post!

This is how the nook originally looked post 1st round makeover:

Then after some new flooring, paint, & TLC we got to here:

Much, much, much better but still not done!

Here are my To-Do list items for this reading nook:

  • Shiplap Walls
  • DIY Bookshelves
  • Build Desk + Chair
  • Make Crayon Holder
  • Decorate

I think I should be able to whip this little nook out in no time but then again 2 year olds aren’t super cooperative. Even when the project is for them!

So far the shiplap is installed & stained!

This was my first time installing shiplap & I am a pretty big fan.

Next on the list is building the desk + chair!



  • 1/4” Sanded Birch Plywood
  • 1 x 6 Board
  • Table Legs


  • 15” Round Board
  • (4) 17” End Table Legs
  • 2” Dowel Screws

Extra Supplies-

  • Wood Glue
  • Nails
  • Spray Paint
  • Tape
  • Stain


Let’s start with the chair build!

  1. I started by taping off the round board & (4) legs for painting & staining
  1. Then I took everything outside & gave them a couple coats of spray paint & stained them with Minwax stain.
Easy To Build DIY Kid Desk + Chair
  1. Once that dried I attached the dowel screws to the flat end of the legs using a drill

Note: The legs I bought came with screws already attached but they didn’t work great so I cut that end off & attached these dowel screws. Screw them in until you get the center of the dowel. (The above photo is the screw just getting started, not its final position)

  1. Attach all 4 legs & the chair is complete, easy peasey!

Desk Build

  1. Start by measuring the two short sides & 1 long side of the plywood board
  1. 2. Next cut the 1×6 board to those measurements. You should have two short pieces & one long piece that is the length of 1 long side + 2” to account for the thickness of the 1×6 side pieces.
  1. You can either paint or stain these pieces before attaching them to the plywood boards
  1. Attach the 1×6 pieces to the plywood boards using clamps, nails, & wood glue.

7. Once both pieces of the plywood are attached to the 1×6 pieces move onto installing the legs

8. Pre-drill holes into all 4 corners of the plywood

Easy To Build DIY Kid Desk + Chair

9. Next attach the legs using the same kind of dowel screws we used for the seat

Is this the easiest furniture I have ever built? The answer is absolutely, & also the most fun!

Plus they are completely customizable to fit your child’s size & needs.

One more project complete in Eli’s reading nook & I can’t wait to finish up this sweet little for him!

Here are my To-Do list items for this reading nook:

  • Shiplap Walls
  • DIY Bookshelves
  • Build Desk + Chair
  • Make Crayon Holder
  • Decorate

Check out some of my favorite budget kids desk & chairs below!

Suggested materials:

  • Chair Legs   (Lowes)
  • 15" round   (Lowes)
  • Plywood sheets   (Lowes)

Lia with Southern Yankee DIY
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