Toddler Seat/bench

2 Materials
4 Hours
I made this for my niece out of wood I had laying around the garage
I started by cutting the sides out to 8 inc high and I used a jig saw to cut boyh sides and the bottom arch
Then I cut the seat out if scrap wood to 8 in long by 7 1/2 wide
Then I sanded all the wood with a 80 grit sandpaper
Then I primered all the wood with white to make my other colors that I will be using to pop
after the primer dried you can see how white the wood came out
I painted the sides ,the seat and the back supports Azure blue (a gift from hometalk)
Then I gorilla glued the sides to the seat and then I nailed both sides to the seat for strength
Then I added the back supports to the sides/legs wit 2 inc screws
Make sure you line the back supports to the legs and seat flush
Again I nailed the back and put 2 screws on each side
Then I went with a canary yellow for the in
side support and back rest I nailed and glued the inside support for stronger legs
Then I nailed the hart design on top and made sure it was centered
Then I nailed the 2 back supports 6 in apart or centered fron the top to the bottom
So here you have a toddler bench/seat
Suggested materials:
  • Scrap wood   (Wood pile from garage)
  • Paint   (Azure/hometalk /yellow from previous jobs)
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