How to Make a Simple Wine Bottle and Glass Rack From a Wood Pallet

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I have a lot of pallets and have made several things now for me and others! This is a wine bottle and glass rack I made from some of the pallet wood!
Big pile of pallets!
I cut one pallet in half with a reciprocating saw. I then cut off part of the two boards that were broke with a circular saw. Now get rid of those nails!
I will add a shelf on one side. I also need to add a piece of wood to the bottom to hang glasses and to hold bottles using more pallet wood. I decided one long piece of wood for the bottom would work better than two smaller pieces. This project is fairly easy and quick to do. Really !!
I took off the top board after looking at it. I think it would look better in the end.I will use that piece in front of the shelf. When I cut down the boards for the shelves I saved two little pieces to use as braces for the shelf. Now that all pieces are cut to the right size, time to start the glass holder shelf.
I made a template from heavy stock paper! I need to measure out the bottom for 4 glasses to hang. But I don't have any wine glasses ( I don't drink wine)  hmmm...I know how to solve this, I will use a candlestick holder for the glass stem and bottom to make the template!
The side marks are where I would screw in the board to the bottom of the rack.
I used a 3/4 in. paddle bit to drill 4 holes where the glasses would hang and then used a jigsaw to cut out the the rest out. Just follow the lines.
Now all pieces are ready to assemble!  
I then attached everything together with 1" wood screws. Next I sanded down the whole thing with a palm sander except where the glasses hang I did by hand.
I then painted it white so whoever I gave this to could paint it a color they wanted. A nice clean slate so to say! Total time on this project was about 2 to 3 hours. I also gave it to a neighbor the same day I painted it, who loved it white! She said she might add some grapes with some purple color to it, that sounds great to me!
I made 2 of these racks from the same pallet! Both are the exact same build but the other one I stained a dark mahogany for a friend for Christmas!
I'm glad I could give it to someone who could use it and it made her day!
Thanks for looking and I hope this will inspire others to make one for yourself or a friend!
Any questions or comments are always welcomed!

Suggested materials:

  • Wood pallet   (on hand)
  • 16 - 1" wood screws   (on hand)
  • All saws   (on hand)
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  • Wendy Wendy on Jan 21, 2018
    This is amazing! I'd love to see it in use :)

    • Jennifer Jennifer on Jan 21, 2018
      Thanks Wendy! I'm not a wine drinker so I gave them away but I think I'll make another one for liquor bottles, martini, hurricane and margarita glasses, it would be bigger to hold more glasses! ;-D

  • New Moon Vintage New Moon Vintage on Jan 23, 2018
    Some people don't know what can be made out of pallets. I see them all the time and have picked more then 40 in a couple of months. Looks great!!

    • See 2 previous
    • Jennifer Jennifer on Jan 24, 2018
      No kids at home helps a lot but I still have to make lunch and dinner for my boyfriend, he is spoiled and I did that too!! LOL