Herb or Flower Planter That is Not Made With a Pallet

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I saw the coolest planter on Pinterest that the owner said was a pallet. I showed the photo to my husband and told him I wanted him to take one of the pallets out back and make me a planter. He asked me where in the heck the pallet came from because he had never found a nice heavy one like that before. So I searched...........
Here's the photo I saw on Pinterest - photo credit goes to Indigo Garden Herb Planters in Germany. It took an hour or so to find the original photo on the Internet because it had been shared so many times! While there may be wonderfully fabulous non-warped heavy pallets all over the U.S. and the rest of the world, there are not in our immediate vicinity.
But, my husband built me one just like it from old wood he had left over from a Fort we built our grandson. Here is what you will need:

6 - 1x6x48s ----These are the front and back parts to each trench. You will use chalkboard paint on these.

6 - 1x4x21 1/2 ----These go on the "bottoms" of each of the three trenches.

3 - 1x4x47s ----These are the boards that you paint "chalkboard paint" on. (optional board)

3 - 2x4x36s ----These are the three "vertical" boards spaced on the ends and in the middle.

2 - 2x4x15s --- These are the "feet" that hold the planter upright and steady it.

Get your local lumber or hardware store to cut yours if you don't have a saw handy.
Nail the three chalkboard painted 1x4x47s to 3 of the 1x6x48s - these will be the front boards.

Nail those 2 boards to the 3 "vertical" boards.

Nail the other 3 1x6x48s which are now the "backs" of the trenches.

Nail the 1x4x21 1/2 boards to the bottoms of what are now 6 trenches separated by one of the vertical boards.

Nail the 2 --------2x4x15s at the bottom on either side like "feet".

Fill with dirt and plant then you are done!
I would love to show it to you full of the herbs I planted but the rains and floods wiped out all of my spring plants...........I will try for some fall lusciousness. When I get them filled and beautiful looking, I will add that photo. I wanted to post this so you could have one too - it's perfect for an apartment balcony and very easily moved.
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