Mid-Century Modern DIY Hanging Planter

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You guys know I love Mid-Century and if you don’t know it… now you do! I also love working with my jigsaw and today, I’m combining the two. I’m thrilled to be able to share with you this Mid-Century Inspired DIY Plant Hanger!
I made my tear drop pretty large but you could definitely scale yours to make it smaller if you wanted. Ready for the tutorial?

1. Gather Your Supplies:

Screws (2-3 inches)

Hardwood – I used a project panel from the Hardware store



Tools needed: Jigsaw, clamps, and sanding pad
2. The first thing I did was to do a Google Search for “Teardrop” and picked my shape. From there, I knew that I wanted a pretty large teardrop so I scaled the size up and had it printed as an engineer print at Staples. I got it home and realized that it was a bit too large. Using the print as a guide, I made small dots about an inch in from my line and connected the dots. That allowed me to have a smaller teardrop shape.
3. Once I had the smaller form on my paper, I came in another 2 inches and drew more dots. I connected the dots on the inside to make the inside edge of the drop.

Without cutting the inside out (to maintain stability), I traced the outside form on my wood.

4. Cut Out Your Shape

Clamp your project panel piece to another piece of wood. Using a jigsaw, slowly cut your form out.

5. Repeat Step 3 and 4 for the inside of your teardrop (SEE STEP 7 FIRST)

Now that you have the outside of the teardrop cut out, you need to repeat the tracing and cutting for the inside of the teardrop. First, you need to use scissors to cut the middle of the teardrop out. Then tape the paper template to the wood, and trace the middle of the teardrop onto the cut teardrop piece. Lastly, clamp your teardrop down and use the jigsaw on the inside line of the teardrop. *Use a drill with a decently large head to start your hold on the inside.
6. Make a Plant Base

Using the leftover inside piece of your teardrop, make a circular base. For my teardrop, the top of our dutch oven was perfect. Trace the top and then cut it out with the jigsaw.
Step 7: Make a Wedge for your Base * (You can skip this step if you cut your shape out with the wedge already in it)

When I went to attach the plant circle base, I realized that it would be much sturdier if it touched on all sides to the teardrop. So, I used my cut teardrop form (pictures below will help show this) to make a wedge that would fit in between my teardrop and my plant base.
Step 8: Attach the wedge to your planter
I used some long screws and clamps to attach the pieces.
Step 9: Attach the circle base

Lay your circle on your wedge and then screw in from the top. You don’t need to worry about the screws being visible, because you are going to put a plant on top.
Step 10: Sand and Stain

Step 11: Attach Rope and Hang
If you want a few more pictures and details, feel free to visit me on my blog!
Want more details about this and other DIY projects? Check out my blog post!
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