What Can You Do With a Plastic Bag and Spray Paint?

I acquired more (free) pots today. I just cannot pass up a perfectly good pot just because it is old, ugly, and faded. My client thought I was nuts...
I knew I was spray painting the pots but I could not help myself from thinking "what else can I do with this pot?"
When I set up my work bench with my special 'spray paint top', I saw the plastic bag peaking out of the recycling bag in the garage and I had a "aha" moment. I thought about years ago when I used to sponge paint with plastic bags and how much easier it was to clean up by throwing the bags away. So I found an almost empty spray paint can of green and had just enough paint for the base color. While it was still kind of wet (I am a very impatient woman plus it was getting dark outside) I put the plastic bag on my hand and wadded it up in my fingers and then spray painted the reddish color on the crumpled up bag. I then quickly started dabbing it on the pot.
I Sprayed some more on the crumpled up bag and kept dabbing and moving the bag around with my fingers making new crinkles. Then the time came when I had to turn the pot over to do the rim. I sprayed the paint on the bag and rubbed the rim and then went back and blotted the edges.
Tomorrow I am experimenting with plastic pots. I have several small to large plastic pots she was throwing a way so now I cannot wait to spray paint some more!
What can you do with spray paint and plastic bags?

Hint: I used to do this on walls too back in the day
These were free today from a client who was throwing them out.
Forgot to take a picture before I started 'sponging'
The blotches will not be uniform and that is what made sponging so popular
My plastic bag picked up some of the green-remember I did not wait for the pot to be completely dry. clay pots are easy to work with but I know plastic pots I will have to wait until the base coat completely dries.
I just sprayed the bag with paint and rubbed the edge of pot
A unique one of a kind pot. Now I think I will go buy more colors tomorrow since I am about out of spray paint! Plus I think I need some more funky colors for my garden
The Garden Frog with C Renee
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