Christmas Decor (With a Cast of Characters) Part 3 The Reindeer Effect

Welcome to part three of my series on using a cast of characters to add merriment throughout your home (including within your indoor succulent garden) during the Christmas season.

Yesterday (in part two @ I told the story of the pardoning of the fraternal gingerbread twins and ended with a promise to share the antics of others within the cast of characters visiting me this holiday season.

Today's post is dedicated to certain reindeer that have added (and are still in the case of some) adding ambience to my home. The first image in today's post features a very sweet ecumenical caroler who has been visiting my home during Chanukah as well as Christmas and while here, he shares his gift of singing by serenading the other characters who also happen to be in town, as they've come to view my place to be a home for the holidays.

The picture was taken at Christmas time in 2011 and featured on TLLG's FB Page in January of 2012 (@

At that time, this sweet singer had truly enjoyed spending time with this reindeer and learning of "the reindeer effect" which was discussed in an entry on tumblr that included the second picture in today's HT posting.
(Info on "the reindeer effect" can be found on TLLG's tumblr Pages @

Also in 2011 one of The Tam Twins (who was introduced in a prior part one of this series on HT (, made her first visit to my garden (without her twin) and like the ecumenical choir boy, she was enamored with the deer and his story of the reindeer effect. Or was it his gift sack she was eyeing?

This is a fact you might surmise from her expression in image three, an image that I included with an interesting story in January 2012 on tumblr (@

I'm sorry to report that this reindeer sustained an injury and is no longer with us, but thankfully the tree and branch reindeer are still a part of my Christmas community.
They were initially discussed in a post on TLLG's Blogger Pages (@ ) as well as a post here on HT ( @ where I included the image I have put in the fourth placeholder of this entry for easy reference; in it you can also see the ecumenical choir boy and both Tam Twins.

Moreover, a newbie reindeer can be seen in the group photo-op. He is standing midway on the top shelf of my armoire with Santa on his left and a snowman on his right. If you follow my postings here on HT, the newbie reindeer may look somewhat familiar to you.
This is because his cousin, Night Owl came here for Halloween and had a number of his photo-ops featured in a post on HT this past October (@

The picture in placeholder five is a copy of one of the pictures I included of Night Owl in the aforementioned entry but have also included it today for easy reference. Meanwhile solo images of the newbie reindeer can be found in placeholders six through nine. And pictures ten through twelve show the newbie reindeer's fascination with the tree and branch reindeer.

The last three pictures (ten through twelve) in this post are here to give you a sense of where newbie first made himself at home when he arrived (they are more detailed/close-ups) of the main group photo-op (found in placeholder four).

BTW, in the very last picture, Ms. Boo can seen (standing to Santa's left). She is wearing in her pretty red Christmas dress and still carrying a Jack-o-Lantern that she had at Halloween, which is now FULL OF SNOW!

You may recall that Miss Boo visited me (wearing a white costume and carrying an orange Jack-o-Lantern) for the Halloween season, for at that time she was featured in a HT post @ ).

In my next post re whimsical characters, I'll tell you a little bit more about Miss Boo and introduce you to more of the characters who are visiting.

Thanks for tuning in!
P.S. For INFO on the whimsical figurines, please contact Steve Mohr at 212-580-8404.
This image was taken in my indoor succulent garden in 2011 and ultimately featured on TLLG's FB Page @
Solo photo-op of a 2011 visitor to my indoor succulent garden who spoke of "the reindeer" effect @
The tam sporting caroler eyes a reindeer's gift sack! More Info @
Some of the cast of characters visiting me for the Christmas season are pictured here. The image has been included in prior HT posts and on TLLG's new Pinterest Board @
MY newbie reindeer's cousin came for Halloween and was featured in an HT post @
Newbie reindeer first visit to my home (View One).
Newbie reindeer first visit to my home (View Two).
Newbie reindeer first visit to my home (View Three).
Newbie reindeer first visit to my home (View Four).
Newbie reindeer is fascinated by the tree and branch reindeers. View One. Info on tree and branch reindeer is @
Newbie reindeer is fascinated by the tree and branch reindeers. View Two. Info on tree and branch reindeer is @
Newbie reindeer is fascinated by the tree and branch reindeers. View Three. Info on tree and branch reindeer is @
Newbie reindeer is not aware of the snowman to his right BUT they have been featured here on HT @ Newbie reindeer is fascinated by the tree and branch reindeers. View One. Info on tree and branch reindeer is @ http://www.thelastleafga
Santa's lovin' having the newbie reindeer close by his right side. Drivers are ALWAYS welcome to "serve'" him.
Ms. Boo who came along with her buddy reindeer owl is standing in her Christmas dress BUT she hasn't let go of the pumpkin (she brought here in October when she was featured @

Want more details about this and other DIY projects? Check out my blog post!

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  • Vetsy Vetsy on Dec 15, 2013
    I wished I had more time to keep up with your cast of characters.... You have the cutest characters along with hilarious stories to boot... I love the newbie he's a cutie..

    • TheLastLeafGardener TheLastLeafGardener on Dec 16, 2013
      @Vetsy I don't have a lot of "free" time either so I especially appreciate it when others take a moment to read my "stories." Thanks for your kind words and support.

  • Lynn Lynn on Oct 21, 2014
    I love your little characters,you should show how you make them.