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Are you looking for a more natural way to reduce static cling, soften fabrics, and tackle wrinkles during your laundry routine? Andrea Jean has a clever DIY method of using aluminum foil in your washing machine.

Let me walk you through the very simple process, and highlight the effectiveness and considerations of this laundry hack.

Tools and Materials:

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DIY aluminum foil laundry balls for static-free clothes

1. Prepare the Foil Balls

Tear or cut sheets of aluminum foil into approximately 3-inch squares. Crumple each square into a ball, ensuring they are loosely packed.

Step-by-step guide to using aluminum foil as a natural fabric softener

2. Add to the Washing Machine

Place 2-3 aluminum foil balls in the washing machine along with your laundry. For a pleasant fragrance, consider adding a few drops of essential oil, such as lavender or vanilla, directly onto the foil balls.

Essential oil-infused aluminum foil balls for a fragrant laundry

3. Run the Washing Machine as Usual

Start your washing machine as you normally would. The aluminum foil balls will move around with the laundry during the wash cycle.

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How It Works:

The aluminum foil balls act as a physical barrier between clothes, reducing static electricity and contributing to fabric softening. They create friction, helping break down detergent residue on clothes.

Points to Consider:

  • Avoid Overloading: Ensure there's enough space for the foil balls to move around.
  • Reuse the Foil Balls: You can reuse the same aluminum foil balls for a couple of loads.
  • Experiment with Amounts: Adjust the quantity of foil balls based on load size and desired softening.

It's important to note that you should always check clothing care labels and washing machine guidelines before trying new methods.

Foil balls in washing machine

How to Use Aluminum Foil in Washing Machine

Ready to give this aluminum foil in washing machine hack a try for a more natural laundry routine?

Share your experience in the comments below! If you have alternative DIY solutions or tips for mattress whitening and cleaning, we'd love to hear from you.

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  • Gig69451122 Gig69451122 on Dec 05, 2023
    My only concern? Despite reading the itemns label. My could still break down the clothing fiber. Hitting against it. Especially if, it's purpose & ability to soften the clothes. Just a concerned thought 🤷‍♀️
  • Debby Debby on Dec 05, 2023
    Would these aluminum balls scratch my washing machine's white porcelain drum? I FINALLY bought a machine that is not stainless steel! That "smell" after washing your clothes? Stainless Steel drums! That's "why" manufacturers and cleaning product companies started making "cleaners" for your washer!
  • Joyce COLE Joyce COLE on Dec 05, 2023
    How to remove tried acrylic paint??
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  • Debbie John Debbie John on Dec 07, 2023
    I am pretty sure the foil balls have to go in dryer not washer for static cling removal....
  • Mar71602967 Mar71602967 on Dec 15, 2023
    no. I have some fine knits I'd be worried about snagging on the foil. I'll stick with the tennis ball solution I learned about years ago.