How to Get Rid of Toilet Ring Stains With This Overnight Miracle

Toilet ring stains can be quite a nuisance, often refusing to budge. If you've ever grappled with these relentless marks, you're in for a treat.

Inspired by a video from Andrea at Andrea Jean Cleaning, I decided to try out a method to tackle these stubborn stains once and for all.

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Tools and Materials:

  • Bleach
  • Paper towels
  • Toilet brush
Clean the toilet

1. Give the Toilet a Good Clean

Before you proceed with the trick, make sure to give the toilet a thorough clean. This will help remove any surface dirt and grime, allowing the bleach to work more effectively.

Now, turn off the water supply to the toilet. This will prevent the water from diluting the bleach so that it can fully concentrate on tackling the stains.

Add paper towel inside the toilet bowl

2. Prepare the Paper Towels

Place pieces of paper towel all around the inside of the bowl.

How to remove toilet rings with bleach

3. Soak the Paper Towels with Bleach

Carefully pour bleach over the paper towels, ensuring that they are thoroughly soaked.

I chose to decant bleach into a spray bottle for an easier way to soak the paper towel.

How to remove toilet rings

4. Let the Bleach Work Overnight

Leave the bleach-soaked paper towels in the toilet overnight. This extended exposure time is essential for tackling even the most persistent stains.

5. Scrub the Toilet

The next morning, remove the paper towels and switch the water back on. Then, pick up your trusty toilet brush and give the toilet a good scrub. You'll be amazed by the results, I know I was.

My toilet was sparkling white and the rings were gone.

More Toilet Cleaning Tips

For more ideas on keeping your toilet sparkling, check out this Toilet Cleaning Tricks tutorial.

How to clean toilet stains

Remove Toilet Bowl Stains with Bleach and Paper Towel

Thanks to this ingenious cleaning hack, you can now bid farewell to those stubborn toilet stains.

Have you ever battled with a toilet stain that refused to disappear? Share your stories, tips, and experiences in the comments below!

Frequently asked questions
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  • Eileen Eileen on Dec 01, 2023
    Yes I will tryThank YouDo you recommend any special toilet brush ? I have tried several , Need one that gets under the lip of the bowl
  • Sji28868825 Sji28868825 on Jan 18, 2024
    How does this work for toilets that are on a septic system?
  • Sailor Sailor on Jan 18, 2024
    Won’t the bleach damage PVC pipes?
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  • Pat Pat on Jan 19, 2024
    No. I've tried bleach and all it did was take the color out of the hard water ring. I still have to use a pumice stone. Bummer!
  • Lau10727987 Lau10727987 on Jan 19, 2024
    Bleach is horrible for the environment and septic systems. But a pumice stone to get rid of hard water marks. I have also purchased A silicone toilet brush which is so much better than those gross nylon brush ones. Game changer!
    • Gerl Nucc Gerl Nucc on Feb 29, 2024
      I have a pumice stone to remove hard water stains, it looks worse! Looks like it removed some of the porcelain? Not sure but I have not found anything to remove hard water stains. I am on a well and it is also the minerals in the water that stains. Unless you scrub your toilet DAILY, which I am not doing! So I deal with the stains, it is clean, just stained.