The Best Way to Ditch Pet Hair That You’ve Never Tried

Pet hair removal tools are like ice cream – everyone has their favorite. Some people swear by the lint roller, while others troll for hair with strips of duct tape. We’ve even heard of people using a balloon to static-cling the hair away!
But which one is the best? A lint roller works on the little black dress, and using a balloon is certainly a creative option, but we say there’s one pet hair tool that’s better than the rest:
The rubber glove.

That’s right, those yellow gloves you use to wash dishes are good for more than just chores! To use it, simply moisten the glove with water (not too much) and run your hand over the surface of your furniture. The glove will give you much more control than a strip of tape and is far more effective than a balloon or tennis ball. Just make sure you rinse the glove periodically to avoid spreading the collected hair around.

The rubber glove method does have one flaw. We wouldn’t recommend using it on your carpets unless you really like hands and knees work. For that, we say go classic and use a vacuum.

What about you? What’s your favorite pet hair removal flavor?

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  • Victoria Tator Victoria Tator on Jan 18, 2018
    I like the old Miracle Brush. Not sure who's old enough to remember. Kind of like Velcro. Brush one way to pick up, opposite way to remove. Love it. Wal-Mart & Wish have them. Not sure where else. Wait, did just see one offered on HSN.

  • Sammokka Sammokka on Sep 15, 2018

    Squeegees will cover more area and use a glove for the corners. Then vacuum up the hair. Also; mist the area to clean with distilled water and a little essential oil; lavender is safe for both dogs and cats.... orange or lemon works too. If you are dealing with mice in a basement try peppermint; toxic to mice and rats but safe for dogs and cats. Flies will stay away too. Used on farms to keep the animals free from flies landing on them.