Emergency Sewing Center

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Emergency Sewing Center made from log scrap.Seam ripper,pencil, scissors,thread and needle threader,pins, needles, thimble,meas. tape and safety pins. Used drill to make holes. Wooden craft candle stick holder for tape. Transferred pattern with graphite paper, wood burned, colored with oil pencils and finished with spar urethane. Easy and personal.
Copied pictures I liked. Used the "Keep Calm" meme generator. Transferred the photo copies with graphite paper and wood burned the outlines.
Decided on the tools I wanted in the station and drilled holes. For threads ad tape cup, drilled a hole and inserted small sections of dowel sticks. Colored the pictures with oil pencils.
Didn't have room for safety pins on front, so I used a small cup hook screw on the back. Put safety pins on a 1/2 inch jump ring to hang on the hook.Put
Put on two coats of spar urethane.
Super glued the strawberry pin cushion in place. Tah-dah! Ready to give to my sister for her birthday. She is sewing all the costumes for Alice in Wonderland by a regional ballet company. I meant to thread a few needles for those quick emerbencies, but forgot. Oops
Suggested materials:
  • Wood chunk   (I got this one at Walnut Hollow online)
  • Wooden candle stick cup   (Craft store)
  • Wood burner   (Craft store)
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