Burlap Flower Runner DIY

I've been feeling a bit befuddled lately.
I'm blaming the pollen.
I can't seem to remember what I've done or what it is I'm supposed to be doing. Wait...what?!?
My children have been receiving the wrong lunches, projects have been started and abandoned well before they're finished, and entire days are seemingly unaccounted for.
It's been like a really boring episode of the twilight zone around here.I'm blaming the pollen.
This project was no exception. With burlap at the ready, I thought I would maybe make a ruffled burlap runner, but before I got started I was inspired to do a sort of impressionist layered leaf sort of thing, but every time I started to lay out the "leaves" they insisted on laying in a circle which led me to a flower shape, AND SO the "leaves" became "petals" and....
TA DA! A burlap flower runner DIY. Phew!
For all the details and more go to...http://nesthomeinteriors.com/blog/2014/burlap-flower-runner
1. Cut your burlap 12" longer then the length of your table (I used the gray burlap)

2. Cut the width to 13" (or wider if you prefer) and fray the sides and ends by pulling the strings

3. Using natural, white and gray burlap, but the leaves (bottom leaves are approx. 7"x4" and top leaves are approx. 6"x3"). Layering the burlap helps to speed up the process and don't worry about them all being exact and perfect!
4. For a 3 leaf flower arrange as shown...

and hot glue to runner. Remember to put cardboard under where you are gluing to protect your table (not that I would know from experience)! Top off with button.
For a 4 leaf flower arrange as shown....
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