Floating Floral Candle Centerpiece

9 Materials
20 Minutes
Wow your guests with this easy to create show stopping floating floral candle centerpiece.In 20 minutes or less you can create a stunning floral arrangement for any season of the year.Snip flower buds from your own gardens or purchase a few inexpensive bundles at the grocery store. Directions
  1. Shape the foil into a small boat or container to fit on top of the small pot with water.
  2. Remove the metal piece from the bottom of your votives and place in the foil boat.
  3. Turn the water on and allow the heat to melt the wax into liquid form.
  4. Snip the flowers so that you are only working with the flower bloom (no stem)
  5. Once the wax has melted, using tweezers, dip the bottom of the flower in the wax.
  6. Cover the bottom of the bloom in wax, but do not submerge the entire flower.
  7. Remove the flower and flip it over face down to dry on the parchment paper.
  8. Fill your shallow container with water approximately 1/2 to 2/3 full. I recommend you fill the bowl after you have placed it where you want to show it off.
  9. Then, top the cool water with 1 inch of sunflower oil. The amount you use will depend on the size of your container. I used approximately 25 ounces in my copper bowl. You will be able to see how much oil you have poured by looking at the sides of the bowl. The oil will remain on top and is easily identifiable from the water.
  10. Next, place your flowers in the shallow container.
  11. Place the cotton wicks around the floating` flowers.
  12. Light the wicks and ENJOY your gorgeous floating floral candle centerpiece!
Photos of Process
Make a foil boat to sit on top of a small pot of water.
Remove the metal disc from the bottom of small unscented votives and place in the boat.
Melt the wax on low heat and gather your flower blooms.
Dip the base of the flower in the wax to cover the bottom. Do not submerge the entire flower.
Place flowers face down on parchment paper to allow them to dry.
Fill your shallow bowl with cool water.
Add 1 inch of sunflower oil to the water.
Place your flowers in the bowl.
Place the floating wicks around the flowers.
Light the candles when you are ready to display your arrangement.
TIPS Never leave this arrangement unattended.Do not use any type of petroleum based oil. Use only sunflower or corn oil.I have made this arrangement several times. The flowers have remained floating for 5 hours and could last longer.Place the bowl where you want to display it before putting the arrangement together.Waxed flowers will keep fresh several days in the refrigerator before you are ready to use them.
Beautiful centerpiece.......
Suggested materials:
  • Unscented votives   (on hand)
  • Tweezers   (on hand)
  • Flower buds   (my yard and grocery)
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