Halloween/fall Wreath

8 Materials
15 Minutes
This is an easy fall/Halloween inspired wreath you can do quickly from Dollar Tree supplies in just a few minutes. It's cute, fun, easy & can be changed up to suit your own fun & quirky tastes. I live for Halloween every year & parts of my house are decorated all year round. So this is a little more silly & whimsy. It's a fun project to do with kids as well.
Here we have the multitude of our supplies- pale orange tulle, black spring tubing, orange, purple & black poms in a variety of sizes, halloween stickers in cute shapes, butterfly & bat clip ons, burlap ribbon, glue.
I used a square wreath form for this one. I actually found this at goodwill.
I wrapped the ribbon first, then tied strips of tulle around the corners, poofing it out a bit.
Then i added the black tubing, wrapping around tightly. I clipped on the bats & butterflies as well. (Note-the purple bats are stick ons. So once you put the wreath on your door, the heat may make them fall off/lose their sticky, depending on your climate. It's hot & humid in se texas. So I had to re- glue them.)
To finish up I added little poms & stickers as embellishments. It will hang from the center by the tubing, slightly twisted. You could had some fairy lights if you like.
Suggested materials:
  • Glue   (Walmart (had on hand))
  • Halloween colored poms   (Dollar Tree)
  • Halloween stickers   (Dollar Tree)
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