Fall/Halloween Wreath

2 Materials
1 Hour

If you are looking for the perfect neutral fall wreath, then this is the wreath for you! 🧡🧡🧡

This is such a simple yet easy diy, and not to mention very low cost 🙌

You will start by getting a wreath form, I found this darling witch hat form at the dollar tree for $1.25

You will also need scissors, jute/or yarn, and burlap.

Once you have your supplies, you will lay out your burlap, I got two different colors for this wreath both burnt orange and white.

You will cut the burlap into approximately 3 inch wide strips.

I like to cut all of my burlap at the beginning.

Next I took some jute string and tied it back and forth on the forms to give me something easier to attach to.

The jute makes it much easier for the burlap to wind in and out of, as you can see here you are going to leave just enough burlap out to create a bubble.

You will make these bubbles all the way through each section.

I like to add a little more burlap than you would think, making it look as full as possible.

I also like to rotate colors, like I said I used burnt orange and white.

And here is the final look.

Super easy, cost effective craft.

you can also watch a video on how I make this here.

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Suggested materials:
  • Wreath form   (Dollar tree)
  • Burlap   (Joanns craft)
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