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Create a spell book for Halloween, make any bookshelf look extra spooky. This is a great way to repurpose books or if you don't have any pick one up at the dollar store. Any hard cover book will work and add some three dimensional trinkets to make it creepy. Every year I make a couple to add to my collection. This year I thought I'd share how I do mine. This spell book is fun and simple and is great for kids and adults of all ages.

What you'll need:



Glue gun and sticks

Foam letters

Bag of bugs or Halloween trinkets

Mod podge



Begin by coming up with a layout or design using bugs, spiders, keys, skeletons hunted houses any thing that you like. You may also want to pick a title for your book from spells to potions. Next hot glue them all in place. You can even use the glue to draw or make a spiderweb like I did.

Next grab a napkin or tissue paper and mod podge the paper over your glued on shapes.

you can see I have covered all the shapes with the napkin using mod podge, I then let it dry completely.

You can see in the picture once it is dry all the shapes show though nicely

Now we will cover the entire book with black chalk paint

Make sure to get the black in all the nooks and carnie's especially if you use more detailed items.

Here it is all dry and you still can see all the shapes pretty well it looks great but now I take it one step further an apply wax.

I have had these rub on waxes for a long time and they are applied with your fingers. You just rub the colors where you want them on the raised shapes. I know Miss Lillian carries them now because I know they can be hard to find.

After all my wax is done I decided I wanted to add a little twine to the binder

Lastly I added a cooper key to hang on the book!

My spell book this year is done. Halloween is the perfect opportunity to make an ancient creepy spell book. You can find all these items at the dollar store to make and inexpensive holiday project.

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Suggested materials:
  • Mod podge   (Dollar Tree)
  • Key   (Dollar Tree)
  • Twine   (Dollar Tree)
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