Fall Sweater Wine Bags

Today I’m sharing some fabulous Fall Sweater Wine Bags I made out of an old sweater. In fact remember the sweater I found at a Thrift Store and made Fall Pillows out of? Well this is what I did with the rest of it!
For these I used the sleeves and cut them a little narrower to fit the wine bottles. I love bringing wine to peoples homes when going for dinner and a wine bag just shows a little extra thought and effort. Even if you drive to the grocery store on the way (ssshhh don’t tell our friends) if you grab one of your pretty wine bags on hand you can pop it in and your gift just went up in value and thought.
I love making things our of sweaters and look for them when I’m thrift shopping. This one had some holes in it but the bulk of it was awesome so I thought it would be so pretty made into some great Fall things.
The opening of the sleeves are great to use as the top as they are already beautifully finished.
I just laid my bottle down to measure how much to cut off. Then I pinned and stitched it with my sewing machine in one minute.
I cut small strips to use as the ties. There’s no hemming or finishing needed because this isn’t an outfit and you won’t be tying it on and off all the time.
I cut some of the leaves and pinned them and then with needle and thread I whip stitched them on. This doesn’t have to be perfect and it looks so pretty when your done.
For the other one I thought it would be fun to do a Jack O Lantern like look and used some of the brown leaves to make the face. I pinned it and again I whip stitched them on.
I love the way they turned out and now I have two gift bags ready to go for our next get together. They took me less than a 1/2 hour to make. craft diy
Thanks so much for stopping by and have a great day, Lisa

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