Handmade, Thoughtful Valentine's Day Gifts!

Running out of things to give that special someone? Looking for something unique, heartfelt, and truly meaningful?? Here are a couple of things that I've made for my Hubster in the past that he still truly treasures!
While walking around Michael's, I found this cardboard heart shell. Since I had been decoupaging lately, I had an idea that I wanted to decoupage meaningful phrases and words onto it for my husband. I solicited magazine donations from my co-workers and picked through each one, cutting out words and phrases that were appropriate for us. I used white glue mixed with water to "paint" the cuttings onto the heart. It dries in a clear, protective 'shell" coating. He loved it! It's currently hanging above our fireplace mantel. This is an easy (albeit somewhat time consuming) project for really ANY occasion! Just use words and phrases that remind you of whomever the recipient is. :-)
Here's another sample gift. I picked this jar up from Cost Plus years ago - it's HUGE and heavy. This is just a display jar in our guest bedroom. I used a tulip vase for my husband, made the paper hearts in red, dark pink, light pink, and white, but I wrote a sentiment on each and every one. Once in awhile, I'll catch him taking a few our of the jar and reading them. :-)

If you don't know how to fold the hearts, it's pretty simple. I cut 2" strips out of colored paper (the long way, not the short way). Fold up one bottom corner to the opposite side, forming a triangle. Then just keep folding that triangle shape over and over until you reach the end. If you have a little piece left, tuck it in and tape it.

Then, with the point of the heart at the bottom, hold the sides of the heart firmly with one hand and gently push down the middle of the heart with your finger on the other hand. This will create the "dent" at the top of the heart, and also "pop" the heart out a bit so it's not a flat piece of paper.

It may take a few tries to get it down, but once you get the feel of it, you can breeze through them quite quickly. This is also a great idea for a wedding - allow guests to write messages on hearts and put them in a jar to present to the newlyweds!
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