Valentine Gnome! Who Said Gnomes Are Just for Christmas?

Margaret Powell
by Margaret Powell
4 Materials
30 Minutes
Here is a Valentine version of a gnome, made from children's footies. A perfect gift for a teacher or anyone at the office.

I used two socks that contrasted. You can use your imagination. I plan to make one all blue for my daughter that simply loves blue! I found a blue scarf for it's beard and blue socks. I will try to post the pictures when it is done. However, this one is the first one and turned out so cute.

The first step is to fill the one sock full of rice as tight as you can to form a round belly shape. I was planning on using essential oils in the rice before closing it off but forgot to do it. So I decided to simply put a few drops on it's belly when I was done. These make a great accessory for the car console since they are so small!

I used a piece of aluminum foil for the shaping of his hat. It works great since you are able to bend it in any direction you choose.

I rolled the foil loosely and shaped it into a cone. I left it "airy" instead of rolling it tightly.

This is totally optiona. You can have alot of freedom as to how you want your hat to look like.
Here you can see how it is shaped round for the belly part. I than stuffed the foil shape into the top portion of the sock above the tie off and secured it with hot glue

I than hot glued the heel closed so it did not show and it was placed in the back of the gnome.
Here is how the heel looks when it is glued closed. Again you can pretty much use your imagination as to how you would like it to look. I wanted the heel closed so it would not look like a heel.
I found fake fur scarves at the Goodwill for half price... wee! only a $1.00!

I only needed a small beard since my gnome was going to be a mini gnome!
Here is where you can create an individual look. I glued the beard to the area under the rim of the hat. I than hot glued the hat to the body portion.
Next I glued toothpicks to the back of the valentine candies. I only used three but again you can use whatever you like and as many as you like.

I than hot glued the sticks to the front of the gnomes hat.

I than used a 1/8 inch wide ribbon to make a small bow to cover the bottom of the toothpicks

I had a shank button that I used for the gnomes nose and glued it in place. The fake fur of this scarf was quite wiry to say the least and really looks cute!
Suggested materials:
  • Children' footies   (Dollar Tree)
  • Fake fur scarf   (Goodwill)
  • Valentine candies   (Dollar Tree)
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