DIY Cat Furniture Ideas: How to Make a Cat Bed

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30 Minutes
Make a cute DIY cat bed and snuggle with your favorite fur ball! This cat DIY project is easy to make and perfect for lazy sleepy cats!
To make this cozy DIY cat bed you will need an old fleece blanket, glue, a cardboard box, and manila rope. You probably have most of these things at home, but if you are missing something I have included links to the stuff I used in the original blog post on

Start by cutting the sides of a cardboard box to about 4" or 5" of height. Then, follow the steps below. You should be done in about 30 minutes!

1. Cut 4 or 5 pieces of fleece blanket
The pieces should match the dimensions of the inside of the box. If you fold the blanket and then cut it, you can save some time and make sure you have identical pieces.

2. Wrap the fleece pieces
Cut a large piece of fleece with the following dimensions:

length=twice the box length + 2"
width=box width + 2"

Then, wrap this larger piece around the smaller pieces.
3. Glue the fleece pieces together
Apply a little bit of glue to keep the pieces in place. There is no need to perfectly glue the pieces as your cat is unlikely to destroy this DIY cat furniture (unlike all your regular furniture at home).
4. Line the box with the fleece fabric
Now we need an even larger piece of fleece for the inside of the box. The dimensions of this one should be equal to:

length=box length + 2 x box height + 4"
width=box width + 2 x box height + 4"

Glue this larger piece of fleece to the box, leaving 2" of fleece on the outer sides of the box. You will need to fold the fabric at the corners to make it neat and pretty.
5. Glue drawer liner patches at the bottom of the box
To prevent the box from sliding when your cat jumps in, glue 4 patches of drawer liner at the four corners of the bottom of the box. 
6. Wrap the box with manila rope
Glue the rope around the box, starting at the edge of the fleece and making your way around the box until you reach its bottom. Once you wrap the box, place the fleece pieces from step 1 and 2 inside it.
7. Decorate with fleece flakes
Cut little pieces of fleece and glue them to the bed for decoration. I used the fleece flakes to make a couple of paw prints and write "Snuggle" on the side of the box.
Here is the finished DIY cat bed. My lazy kitty cat loves it and sleeps there every night. I am even getting a bit jealous since she seems to prefer it over sleeping in my feet!

You can find more DIY projects for cats and other easy DIY home decor ideas on my blog!
Suggested materials:
  • Cardboard box
  • Glue
  • Fleece blanket
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