The Fastest Way To Dry Herbs

5 Minutes
We want to make the most of every herb we grow this year. We also want to store some for later use. And we want to do it quickly. For small batches, the most convenient drying method we have found is...the microwave!
No thyme to wait for herbs to dangle about drying? Or maybe you live in a humid climate like we do? Try these simple steps to quickly preserve every last leaf in your herb garden.
1. Gently wash the leaves, removing any garden debris.
2. Lay out the leaves, sandwiching them between dry paper towels. Place them in the microwave.
3. Microwave at 30 second intervals or until leaves are dry and crispy. Our usual drying time is 1 minute.
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  • Liz_nan Liz_nan on Aug 02, 2014
    Don't u have Solar Dryer?

  • Sharon Sharon on Sep 25, 2014
    I dry mine the old fashioned way in tied bundles hanging from a piece of twine held by nails from one wall to the other. My husband also made a drying rack for me from an old mattress box spring from a thrown out crib. The microwave worries me with its radioactive waves.