Fall Crafts: Paint Dipped and Yarn Wrapped Pinecones and Branches

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Sometimes fall decor and I don't jive.
Whaaaaat?!?! You may ask. Well don't freak out too much. It is just because I am always so sad to let go of the bright, bold summer colors of summer for warmer and more traditional tones and decor.
So I don't. I do a more modern take on fall. I do that by mixing the colors I love with fall elements. It's taking me and inserting fall into my decor instead of fall inserting itself into my decor. Got it?
I also don't like spending a ton of fall decor (as you can tell by my acorn jack o'lanterns, plaster leaves and gourds, and sweater vases) so I like to use elements that are free - and from nature! I made three different crafts from pinecones and branches that I collected from the yard (or my work's yard - same difference).
Paint dipped pinecones tutorial is up first!
Some of the pinecones were still young and hadn't fanned out yet. I liked the more sleek look of them (although I kind of messed that up, but I'll show you that in a second). I thought they had a more modern look to them so I decide to give them the paint dipped look.

I just took my sample paints (look for coupons for free ones in magazines) and dipped in the pinecones. Then I just took them out and laid it on wax paper to dry.

This is where I messed up my pinecones' modern lines. They were taking forever to dry so I put them outside to speed up the process.Duh. The heat makes them dry out and open up. So that happened a little. But I still definitely like them!
I love the bright, modern colors! But since they are pinecones they are definitely still fall!
Yarn Wrapped Branches! I used branches and wrapped those with yarn too. It was easy - tie the yarn in a knot, wrap the branch, and then finish off with another knot.
Which one is your favorite?
Yarn wrapped pinecones!
I also picked up some yarn ('cause cozy yarn definitely makes me think fall) and decided to wrap it around the pinecones (the open ones were perfect for this project). I played around with different colors and patterns and textures of yarn. The fuzzy yarn definitely worked the best.
Megan Aubrey
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