Fall Door Decorating: How to Create Stunning DIY Garlands

As the seasons shift, and the leaves begin their beautiful transformation, the inspiration for fall door decorating couldn't be more timely.

Join me as I show you how you can replicate this creative autumn display.

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Tools and Materials:


Six-foot pieces of lightweight wood trim

Glue gun

Pipe cleaners

Fall garland

Assorted fall leaves, foliage, and decorative picks

Faux fruits and nuts

Steel pick machine (optional)


Command hooks

Command strips

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Simple fall garland from the Dollare store

I found some stunning fall garlands, but they didn't quite meet my vision of a truly impressive display. Knowing there was untapped potential, I set out to enhance them, crafting the ideal DIY fall garland to grace my door this season.

Cut the Styrofoam vertically

1. Preparing the Foundation

Begin by cutting the styrofoam pieces vertically into halves, resulting in six pieces in total.

Lightweight wood trim

Then, choose two lightweight wood trim pieces, each six feet long.

Create a hanger with pipe cleaners

Drill holes approximately two and a half inches from one end of each wood trim piece.

Feed a pipe cleaner through each hole, securing them into loops. These loops will be used to hang your decor later, so make sure they are secure.

Hot glue the styrofoam to the wood trim

2. Attaching Styrofoam Blocks

Use your low-temperature glue gun to add glue to the wood trim pieces, then attach the styrofoam halves evenly along the boards.

How to decorate your front door for the fall season

Leave about 10 inches of space between each piece of foam. This forms the foundation for your fall front door decor.

diy fall garland for front door

3. Building the Garland Base

Lay your project on a table to work comfortably. Place your Dollar Store garland on top of the wood and Styrofoam.

Two pipe cleaners knotted together

Attach two pipe cleaners together and use these to secure the garland to the styrofoam and wood.

Use pipe cleaners to attach the garland to the base

Ensure the pipe cleaners are wrapped around all three components. The garland and wood will prevent the wire from the pipe cleaners from cutting through the Styrofoam.

Fall door decorations

This is what you have now, but we are going to add to this and make a really full and fantastic entryway decoration for our fall front door.

Faux fall decorations

4. Adding Foliage and Decorations

Get creative with fall leaves, fruits, nuts, and decorative picks.

Step-by-step guide to creating fall door decorations

Start with your fall foliage, adding them to the styrofoam by pushing the stems into the foam.

Continue adding fall foliage

For stems that aren't stiff enough, use a steel pick machine.

Creative ideas for dressing up your home's entryway

If you do not own a steel pick machine you could also attach the stems of the foliage to skewers to give them a stiff base that you can insert into the foam.

Fall garland DIY

5. Creating a Lush Look

Continue by adding fruits, pumpkins, and other autumn decorations.

Door decorating for fall

Cover up as much of the Styrofoam as possible and achieve a full and vibrant look for your fall door decoration.

Fruit and foliage garland for fall decoration

This is what the DIY garlands looks like before hanging.

Command hook on door frame

6. Hanging Your Creation

To hang your masterpiece, attach Command hooks to your door frame.

Front door decor for fall

You are going to use the loop you added to the wood trim at the beginning, to hook the garlands to each side of your door.

Crafting a festive front door display with command hooks

To keep the garlands from swaying add Command strips to the back of the wood.

Command strips will help the fall garlands stay in place

Stick it to the door frame ensuring you have a secure grip. This additional step keeps your decor secure, even in the wind.

Fill in the areas where the foam is still visible

Now you need to cover any areas of the foam that are still visible. Make sure to look at the sides of the garland as there will most likely be foam showing in these areas.

DIY outdoor decor

Fill up your garland until you are satisfied with the look.

Welcome fall with a captivating entryway

Fall Door Decorating Tutorial

Your front door is now dressed to impress for the fall season.

Combine these side pieces with a matching wreath and swag over the top of the door for the ultimate fall front door decor.

Fall door decoration with matching garlands swag and wreath

Your creative effort will be the talk of the town and provide a warm welcome to guests and passersby throughout the autumn season.

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below and let me know how your DIY fall door decorating project turned out.

Chloe Crabtree
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  • Paula Bois-Brady Paula Bois-Brady on Oct 16, 2023
    Looks great, I've 'fall'en in love with it. But it looks expensive to purchase all of the foliage and gourds even on sale, not possible on my budget, but it made me think....I'm already planning to go Garage sale-ing and start grabbing up supplies for next year and anything in between. Maybe I'll get lucky for this season. Enjoy your garlands.
  • Faye Faye on Oct 16, 2023
    It is pretty. Agree with others. It is to close to the door. Very expensive to do for the average person, then put it outside. That is like throwing money away.