Making a Simple Wreath

I started with two basic evergreen wreaths. You could also use artificial ones, but I like the pine smell.
undecorated balsam wreath
Then I gathered up all my little treasures from the Dollar Tree, a cute owl I found at Kmart on sale, and odds and ends that I save when something appeals to me (like a little ribbon, or the little red apples I found in a box of misc items I bought at a house sale - knew I would use them someday!).
wreath for my back door
The rose was with the little apples, the ornaments are plastic from DT, the ribbon also from there. I found the two candy canes in a drawer from last year. This one is for my back door so I added dabs of glue to hold the wired in stuff so it won't come off.
wreath for my kitchen
The small balls I found in the craft section at DT last year. They feel like Styrofoam and are covered with glitter. The snowflakes are from DT (and I still have many more!)/ The owl was on sale at Kmart and he is adorable! This wreath is for my kitchen, so hot glued all the balls and wired the owl on. I'll probably play with it some more, but, I have two wreaths for just a few dollars each, and really like them!
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