No Way, Back to School, Already??

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I know, I can't believe it myself, back to school. It has been raining every day for the past week. I have a neighbor with a young daughter. I thought let me give this mom, who's probably going crazy herself, a break. I decided to invite her daughter over, and start a project she would like to do.
I gathered everything I needed, items she would like. I also could see this wreath being used for a teacher's classroom door a possibility too.
I went to my favorite store, for a person on a budget, the dollar store.
I made a circle with the pool noodle and secured it with duct tape.
I wrapped the noodle with red mesh ribbon. I'm sure you could just leave the color what it is, and just hide the duct tape.
I started securing the heavy items with floral wire and hot glue. I used just the hot glue gun for the lightweight items. I tried to do it, in a way that, if they need something from the wreath it was possible to pick it off. I used a heavier floral wire to make a hook on top, to be able to hang it up. I wrapped the hook with a piece of ribbon. All done, the plan worked, mom got a 3 hour break, and her daughter was excited about what she had made.
Suggested materials:
  • I filled my cart. I used a pool noodle, for wreath. There were so much back to school products. I purchased, sharpeners, pencils, assignment tablet, erasers, dry erase board with markers, duct tape, crayons, glue and mesh wrap to cover pool noodle. If you find a color you like, then it doesn't have to be wrapped.   (The "AMAZING" Dollar store)
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