Simple DIY Autumn Floral And Bead Wreath

5 Materials
10 Minutes

Let's create this simple Autumn floral and bead wreath using just a few materials. This wreath is simple, and so beautiful when completed.

Hello, I'm so happy to have you here. Today I have a simple DIY project for you. We'll be creating an Autumn floral and bead wreath using just a few materials. I hope that if you're viewing this project that you love Fall just as much as I do. It is my favorite season, and I've been creating new crafts to share with all of you.

Materials needed

-One wreath $4.99(I'm using a grapevine wreath, and I purchased it at Michael's. It is a 14'' wreath)

-Fall floral(My flowers were purchased at Michael's, and it was actually a stem bundle)$9.99, but they are having a sale. I paid $4.99

-Beads$1.60(Purchased at Michael's)

-Stretch cord$2.88(Purchased at Walmart)

You will also need wire cutters, or scissors

Total spent around $14

Creating your wreath

Start off with taking your flowers, and cutting them to size. I took some of the wire stem off so that I could easily place my flowers through my wreath, and that they were not too long.Next, take each flower and start with placing them through your wreath. I decided I wanted to only add my flowers to one side of my wreath. But you can honestly add your flowers on the top, bottom, or completely cover your wreath. When adding your flowers simply go through the wreath, and bend the wire just a little.

You are now ready to start working on your stretch cord, and beads. Take your stretch cord, and lay it out. Take your scissors and cut around 10 inches of your cord. You will want your cord to be long enough so that when you loop your beads on your wreath around your flowers, it is long enough to go around each flower.

Once you have cut your cord to the desired size, you can begin adding your beads. Take your first bead, and slide it down the stretch cord. Once you get to the bottom of your cord, tie a knot around that bead. After you have done this, take your beads and continue adding your beads until your cord is completely filled with beads. Once you get to the top section of your cord, go ahead and tie it off like you did for the bottom of your cord.

Now that you have completed this step, you are now ready to start looping your beads through your flowers, and wreath. Take your beaded stretch cord and start at the top, and loop your cord around your wreath and top flower. You will continue this step until you get to the bottom of your flowers. Take the end of your beads and tuck them away in the bottom section of your flowers.

This is optional but you can take some extra stretch cord, and tie it around the bottom section of your beads, loop it through your wreath, and tie it off to make sure your beads are secure on your wreath. My beads are on perfectly fine, and have not fallen off.

You are now ready to display your beautiful wreath. I love how this wreath turned out, and I hope you enjoyed this simple DIY wreath project as well. If you have enjoyed this project I'd love if you checked out my other DIY projects on my blog, and also on my YouTube channel Steph Creates-DIY Home & Crafts where I include video tutorials as well. Let me know in the comments if you decide to create your very own floral and bead wreath.


Thanks so much for stopping by!

♥ Stephanie

Suggested materials:
  • Grapevine wreath   (Michael's)
  • Fall Floral   (Michael's)
  • Beads   (Michael's)
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