Christmas Candy Cane Teardrop Swag With That Wreath Lady

5 Materials
45 Minutes

Make this easy and beautiful Christmas candy cane swag in under 45 minutes.

Start with a pine teardrop swag. Fluff and separate the branches to make the swag look full and give it a real life appearance.

Choose your favorite ribbon or choose a pre-made Bow from your favorite florist or craft store. Make sure to have long ribbon tails. Preferably a few inches longer than the bottom of the swag.

Secure the bow bow on the swag by using the pine branches. Place the bow between 2of the branches and twist like a bread tie to secure.

Fluff the bow and pull some of the pine branches in front of some loops so the bow looks like it is coming from inside the swag. You don’t want the bow to appear to just be laying on top of the swag.

Gather the ribbon at the bottom of the swag and pinch together. Place the ribbon between 2 of the branches and twist the branches like a bread tie.

Take a large candy cane and place it behind the ribbon tails. Use hot glue on the back of the candy cane and place between 2 of the branches. Hold the candy cane in place for the glue to set and then twist the branches around the candy cane to secure.

Take 3 different shatterproof ornaments and feed floral wire through the hooks. Do a couple of twists to the wire to tighten.

I used 3 clusters but feel free to use more and tie them to the branches in the swag.

Use pine sprays and add through the swag filling in gaps or holes.

Use berry picks to add colors and dimension and to help with filling in bare spots. Wire to the branches.

Awesome job. You have made a gorgeous Christmas candy cane teardrop swag for the holidays.

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  • Teardrop swag   (
  • Wired ribbon   (Hobby Lobby or Amazon)
  • Christmas ornaments   (Hobby Lobby or Amazon)
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  • Pat Pat on Dec 19, 2017

    nice project

  • Lynne Krawczyk Lynne Krawczyk on Jan 02, 2018

    Beautiful! Wish iI would have seen it before christmas! Oh, well, next year it is! Maybe I can buy all the supplies on clearance! That would be a plus!