Holiday Topiary (Interchangeable)

Ann M
by Ann M
This is my completed Christmas topiary. I did not drill the ornaments. Instead I used my hot glue gun, minus the glue, to melt holes in the plastic ornaments.
All ready for Christmas.
I began to think as I was bringing in my Halloween topiary that I made this past season, why not re-use the pot and anchored dowel for a Christmas theme
Halloween topiary
This was my Halloween themed topiary. I was inspired by an upscale pricey catalog. I found my pumpkins at Michael's and added the designs and the black wreath. I used a knife to make the holes as hollow core foam pumpkins are very easy to cut. Once cut and painted, they were slid down the dowel to create the topiary.
Removing Halloween!
Once removed I began to think of a Christmas theme topiary. I already had the pot with the anchored dowel which was set in plaster of Paris. I found the dowel at Michael's. It was 38 inches tall and 3/4 in diameter. I followed the plaster of paris directions using a level to check as it dried. And it dries very fast.
Adding Christmas!
After shopping for large Christmas ornaments, I melted the holes in the ornaments to fit the 3/4" dowel. I opened a window as there is some smell from the melted plastic. Also as the plastic melts, it will gunk up your glue gun. After a few holes I just used paper towels grabbing the gun tip quickly and pulling the plastic off. Also when finished, I inserted a glue stick and flushed out the little bit of plastic that melted inside the tip.
Ready to go outside
After adding the top finial, I added some garland to cover up the plaster of paris and give it a festive look. You can see how it looks outside in the first picture.

Of course now I'm thinking ahead to spring and the foam eggs I can probably find at Michael's and the spring topiary I can make!!

Then Summer, perhaps Stars and Stripes ! The possibilities are endless!!!
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  • Lori Lori on Nov 30, 2016
    This is one of the nicest diy christmas decorations I've seen. Very classy. I will think about picking up big ones after Christmas and make two for beside the front door instead of trees. Lovely job.
  • SpudBread SpudBread on Feb 04, 2020

    FANTASTIC IDEA --- ONE basic  base to use through all the seasons and events--- BRAVO!!!!! totally inspired--- goooooood job---