Our Fairy Winter Wonderland

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4 Days

We have a small wooded area beside our home which we've named The Fairy Forest....it's where the fairies and gnomes live....

For the winter season we decorate it to become a Winter Wonderland for the fairies and all who wish to visit. In fact last Christmas Santa  came to visit and we temporarily renamed it SANTA'S Fairy Forest.

The front gate is along the sidewalk and street so anyone can come in and visit. We often see people back up as they start to pass then park and go in.

There are always projects going on and things change constantly.

The shooting star  lights are a project found on Hometalk and are LED as are most of the lights inside the Fairy Forest and all are set to a time to turn on and off on their own.

The gate is actually a headboard from a twin bed made into a gate that swings open.

There is an old section of a picket fence was painted to show it is Fairy Forest.

Inside the Fairy Forest near the gate is a mailbox attached to a tree stump. Inside are paper and pens and there are messages and little gifts to the Fairies left there as well as to us the "keepers" of the Fairy Forest.

This section was built on top of two tree stumps and uses a fun candyland theme. The fairy houses are mainly glass cookie jars.

Even tree stumps become Fairy homes with the addition of doors and windows!

Here is a small structure we built that looks over the creek that runs along the Fairy Forest. After we finished it we added a bench inside with mistletoe  hanging above

All the trees are decorated differently and I gather items on clearance at the stores as the season ends but also during the year at yard sales and from friends and family. Sometimes fairy friends leave items for the Fairy Forest which we think is great!

A fairy church sits under this tree.

This  tree is bird  friendly!

Christmas in our Chinatown section is complete with Buddha, lol. And the fairies really like  to visit this section. Probably looking for fortune cookies, lol.

Some Fairy homes are found in trees nestled in the branches..

Everywhere you turn there is something different to see!

This section is a village of Christmas Fairy houses placed on a little hill. All were bird houses which were made to look like houses.

 When it snows here the village is magical!

With the snow the Fairy Forest becomes a true Winter Wonderland!

It took two of us about 4 days to make the switch this year to a Winter Wonderland not including our addition of the small covered wooden structure that overlooks the creek. It's hard to say how much it costs us to do this but it's rare anything is purchased at full price. 90% Clearance after each season is the best way to do it but also yard sales throughout the year. Our garage has a wall of storage tubs and shelves dedicated to Fairy finds, lol.

We do have security cameras in here keeping an eye on things and there are signs saying enter at your own risk (as fairies can be a bit mischievous!) but so far all is well here in the Fairy Forest.

Suggested materials:

  • LED Christmas Lights   (Walmart- clearanced)
  • Christmas ornaments   (Yard sales)
  • Bird houses that look like houses   (Yard sales)
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  • Roxann Nys Roxann Nys on Mar 05, 2020

    Can you post a link to the shooting star project on Hometalk? I could not find it


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  • Kris East Kris East on Dec 07, 2021

    I love every little fairy inch of the forest!

  • Nadja Stevens Nadja Stevens on Dec 09, 2021

    this is amazing!!!

    I'm borrowing the shooting star idea!!🤩

    not sure how fortunate you are in not having

    things vandalized...even with cameras in place!

    unfortunately...something like this

    wouldn't last very long in my neighbourhood 😒

    I can already tell that some of my Christmas display has been 'tugged at'

    by 'sticky fingers'!!!😡

    On the bright side....wishing you and yours

    a fairy magical Christmas!