Peanut Holiday Garland

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Oh the Christmas cuteness! This project was seriously therapeutic and so much fun to see come to life! It's a DIY Christmas garland made from "PEANUTS"! This project is super cheap and super fun as you get to create sweet little holiday characters to deck your halls with!
SUPPLIES: -Peanuts -Hot Glue -Craft String -Floral Wire -Screw Hooks -Paint -Sharpie -Yarn -Paper -Pipe Cleaner -Scissors (Many of these supplies can be substituted or omitted if you choose!)
STEP 1: You can honestly make whatever characters you wish, but I will guide you through the four that I decided to go with. First you should paint the peanuts that will be needing some color so that they can dry as you work on some of the other details. Below is a breakdown of the character's colors: Penguin: Paint the entire peanut black. Then paint a big round white belly circle on the front and two small white eyes above the belly. Santa: Leave a small circle untouched toward the top front of the peanut, but paint the rest red. Snowman: Paint the entire peanut white. Reindeer: No need to paint the peanut at all.
STEP 2: While your characters that got a paint job are drying you can take that time to construct your reindeer peanuts. - First take a small bead and use some hot glue to attach it to the bottom front section of the peanut. -Second you will take some floral wire or bead wire and make some antlers by simply bending it into shape. Then glue it to the top of the peanut on both sides. -Now cut small pieces of pipe cleaner and glue them underneath where you placed the antlers. -Use a sharpie to add 2 small eyes to complete the face.
STEP 3: For the penguin you can add the pupils to the eye whites by creating two small black circles with your sharpie. -Now it is time to add a beak and some feet. Cut a small triangle and roll it up and glue it between the eyes you drew for the beak. -For the feet cut two little rounded feet sort of shapes and glue them to the bottom of the body allowing the edge of them to peak out from under.
STEP 4: Santa's steps are as follows: -Make two small eyes with a Sharpie marker in the unpainted space. Also draw a nose and some eyebrows. -Dab a small brush in a pale pink paint and give him some rosy cheeks. -Use a sharpie to add some clothing details such as a belt and some buttons. -Take a small piece of cotton or a piece of a fluffy yarn and glue them under the nose in a beard sort of shape.
STEP 5: Good ol' Frosty! First paint a face in any expression of your choice! Then you can choose to give him a beanie or some ear muffs or whatever you like! Then add a cozy scarf as well. (For one of them I did add some stick arms with the floral wire)
STEP 6: Once you are done and satisfied with the characters you have created it is time to string them up! -First add a small screw hook into the top of each character by screwing it into place (I found hot glueing it into place was helpful as peanut shells are pretty easy to crush hehe) -String all your buddies onto the string and tie knots around each screw hook to keep them in place.
Do you have a favorite? My goodness I just can't handle how cute they are! I may have to add some of these to top some packages as well!
I mean c'mon! It's like having a cartoon in your living room! And you could add so many variations to this! You could make angels or nutcrackers or gingerbread men... and the list goes on!
I had to include a Rudolph in there ;)
You could just string these individually as well and use them as ornaments on a mini tree!
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Suggested materials:

  • Peanuts   (Grocery)
  • String   (Target)
  • Craft Paint   (Michael's)
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