How to Make Slime - 11 Awesome DIY Slime Projects

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Making slime can be an awesome fun family activity with kids. Check out these DIY slime projects for a variety of slime recipes.

Bubble Slime that’s Fun to Pop!

Bubble slime is easy to make with just a few simple ingredients and steps! And it turns into a stretchy mound of slime you can blow bubbles with, just like a giant piece of bubble gum. All you’ll need to do is gather a few simple ingredients that can be purchased at any grocery store, including glue and shaving cream. You can add in a coloring gel of your choice, if you like. Mix all of it up in a few simple steps, and you and the kids will be blowing slime bubbles in no time! Check out the full post here:

Frozen Sparkle Slime

Frozen Sparkle Slime Perfect for Gift Giving

Slime gets a wintry makeover that sparkles and shines, with this easy DIY tutorial for Frozen sparkle slime. A few ingredients is all you will need, including glitter glue, water, and a few other ingredients and supplies. After a few simple steps to mix it all up, you’ll create a glittery ball of slime that’s fun for little ones to play with. A great idea to package the slime with festive touches that make it pretty enough to give as a gif is also included in this tutorial. Visit the blog to see the full post at

Easy slime recipe

Kids Will Love to Experiment with this Easy Slime Recipe

This easy slime recipe is a great for beginners to start with, and makes a fun and crafty project to do with children. The ingredients couldn’t be more affordable or easy to find, and are ones you might already have around your house, including glue and cornstarch. As you gradually add each ingredient, kids will love seeing them turn from liquid to slime in several simple steps. Let the kids choose the color and other add-ins, like glitter, to make it a fun experiment. To see the full post, go to  

Unicorn Slime - simple DIY project

Unicorn Slime for Magical Fun

You and your children can make a magical ball of slime that’s pretty as a unicorn with this simple DIY project. This colorful slime is made from an easy recipe of shaving cream, food coloring, and a few other ingredients. Kids will love mixing up the different colors and adding a bit of glitter to give it a magical touch just like a unicorn. And, the shaving cream gives it a fluffy texture just like marshmallows that kids will enjoy squishing and twisting. The full post for this fluffy unicorn slime is available at:

Gel Slime that’s fit for Disney Royalty

For a fun activity that will entertain your kiddos, try this DIY Disney Princess gel slime recipe. All you’ll need to do is gather some typical slime ingredients, including glue, starch, and a few frilly touches to make a sparkly slime that’s fit for a princess. Pop in a Disney movie and whistle while you work, to make this project the ultimate Disney experience! Your little prince or princess will love playing with this squishy gel slime. For the complete blog post, head to 

Mermaid Slime to Remind You of the Ocean

If you’re family is dreaming of warmth, sand, and seashells, but can’t get to the beach, you can make this sparkly mermaid-themed slime instead! You’ll just need to gather a few simple slime making ingredients, such as glue, teal food color, and glitter. After a few simple steps to mix it all up, you’ll have created a fun ocean-colored slime that your kids will love playing with. You just might think you can feel the salty beach breeze. Read the full post at

Glittery Blue Slime for Frozen-Inspired Fun

Glittery Blue Slime for Frozen-Inspired Fun

This Frozen-inspired slime recipe is perfect if you’ve never made slime before. It can be an especially fun DIY project to make with children if you’re stuck inside on a cold, wintry day. And the best part is that making it requires only two ingredients! All you’ll need to do is gather your supplies and mix it up! Within minutes, you can have a gooey glob of fun slime to play with. You family can have fun stretching, pulling, and squishing this gel slime To see the full post for how the slime is made, go check out

Quick and No-Stick Fluffy Slime You Can DIY

If you’re looking for a simple slime recipe to make with your children, it’d be hard to find one that’s easier than this quick, three-ingredient method. The ingredients are ones you can find around your house, or with a quick trip to the grocery store. Gather you’re supplies, and get mixing and kneading to create a fluffy slime that isn’t sticky at all. And, this slime is super fun for kids of all ages to play with! You can visit the full blog post at

Fluffy Slime that’s full of Surprises

Fluffy Slime that’s full of Surprises

This slime is fun to make, and is a little more adventurous than a basic slime recipe. Little ones will love finding all the treasures hidden throughout this easy recipe for Surprise Slime. To create the slime, you’ll make four batches in different colors, using basic ingredients like glue, water, and food coloring. Then, you’ll add in some fun embellishments for the ultimate surprise. Children will love pulling and stretching this fluffy slime to find all that’s hidden inside. Parents will love how easy it was to DIY. To read the full post, visit

Fun Fluffy Cloud Foam that Kids will Love

This DIY Cloud Foam slime is just as much fun to make as it is to play with! Requiring only three ingredients, including four cups of shaving cream, the recipe is one that is perfect to let little kids help with. Children will especially enjoy spraying out the massive glob of shaving cream from the can! And, you won’t believe yours eyes as it turns into a giant foamy cloud of slime that is a blast to stretch pull, squish, and squeeze. The full blog post is here:

Slime Notebook for Back-to-School

Slime Notebook for Back-to-School Fun

This crafty DIY project adds a cool, slimy touch to a notebook cover for kids – one they’ll love to take class notes in. All you’ll need is a composition notebook, scissors, and a few other supplies for the notebook and slime. Once you’ve gathered the supplies, you’ll first, cut a fun shape out of the front of the notebook. Then, you’ll make a fun batch of glittery slime that will be attached as a “slime pocket” to the front. The full post with instructions can be found at   

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    I will try these!!! I love slime so very much