Fall Plant Clean up Craft

2 Materials
10 Minutes
As you start cleaning up your summer plants ,and trimming plants Some times things dry out all twisted and cool looking .I trimmed up a large Aloe Vera plant and Boy did I like what I saw all dry and rough looking. So I used it to create some Fall decor!
What do you see in this stuff?
OK how about this Start to see something?
Are we getting into it? The eyes you see I got a bag of at the craft store years ago. I have hade great fun with them for years.
Ok I am working on it, it is not done. I just wanted to show you one idea to do with these great dry pieces of plant material. Keep an eye out to see what else I come up with! This is great fun, and I think it looks cool!
I added some feathers and I worked it into an owl! How cool is that?
And here it is outside with the rest of my decor!
Suggested materials:
  • Dry plant materia   (All from home)
  • Craft eyes   (All from home)
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