Make a Pumpkin From a Tissue Box!

5 Materials
20 Minutes
I'm in the tissuebox challenge and right away I thought of a pumpkin! I didn't have a completely empty tissue box so I just grabbed the next best thing! A full one! If you have the empty one you can use fiberfill to fill up the box.
All ready
Now the next thing is strange but you'll need a hammer! You'll need a hammer to crush all 8 corners, both top and bottom. If you have strong thumbs you may be able to push the corners in! Also, pull off the cardboard perforated top leaving the plastic.
Ready to crush the corners
Now that the corners are crushed you'll need to take a fluffy kitchen towel and fold it into thirds.
Towel and thin towel I'll use
Wrap the towel around the box using a rubber band towards the top to secure around the box and also a rubber band around the bottom to secure the towel. Now sit it in the middle of the thinner towel pulling up the sides to make sure it sits evenly in the middle.
All ready to be folded into the tea towel
Bring up all sides and pushing the thick towel along with the thin towel, tuck it all into the center opening. You can push the box and squash it down as you push all the layers into the center.
It's cute already!
Now you need a stick. Which I didn't have (no trees 😕) but I did have some small pieces of driftwood. So I got out some cording and wrapped two pieces of driftwood together
Wrapping cording.
Then push it down in the center top and you have your pumpkin stem!
Easy peasey!
Enjoy your pumpkin!

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Suggested materials:
  • 'Box of tissues full or empty filled with fiberfill   (Had)
  • Towel and 2 rubber bands   (Had)
  • Thin tea towel   (Had)
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  • Eva Marie Turner Eva Marie Turner on Nov 06, 2017
    A very practical idea indeed! You could also make Christmas or Winter Seasonal decos like a Snowman Faces or Santa or whatever you can imagine! For example; u could leave top of the tissue box open so that you could retrieve the tissues but cover the box with material of choice and u could put a logo saying "Tis the Season for a Sneezing" or something like that.

  • Marlene Marlene on Oct 14, 2018