How do I still use this if the cap/tip is broken???

Erica S
by Erica S

I don't wanna have to go buy a new one bc this was only used 2 times I have a quick job to do but I don't know what to do bc it broke.. help!!!

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  • Vimarhonor Vimarhonor on Dec 16, 2020

    Hello I would suggest calling the manufacturer listed on the can and see if they have any hacks or tips. Due to the item being pressurized safety is important you wouldn’t want anything to leak in the wrong direction causing a medical emergency.

  • Recreated Designs Recreated Designs on Dec 16, 2020

    Hi Erica, Unfortunately with spray cans if the nozzle breaks off they are very hard to use. If you still have the tip, you can try holding it in place and push down on the stalk that goes into the can. If you are able to hold it and push you will get some out. I would put a pair of gloves on though as it will be a bit messing and may drip since it will not be a tight seal anymore.

  • You can try clearing the actual tip and put a nozzle from another can on it.

  • GrandmasHouseDIY GrandmasHouseDIY on Dec 16, 2020

    Hi Erica, I don't have experience with sealants in spray cans but I do know that spray paints act really strange once the can is broken open and are basically unusable to a certain extent. You can always try to get it open but be very careful as there is a lot of pressure built up in cans.

  • William William on Dec 16, 2020

    Since the tip broke not much you can do. I don't advise this....but for a quick job I would glue the broken tip on the can with super glue. Then put gobs of hot glue around the tip seam. A lot of hot glue. It may or not work. Taking a chance. Then I would throw it out after the "quick" job.

  • Robyn Garner Robyn Garner on Dec 16, 2020

    I'd suggest you take it back to the store where you purchased it. Big stores such as Home Depot stand behind their products and you will likely be able to get a new can to use.

  • Ken Erickson Ken Erickson on Dec 16, 2020

    Best option may be to throw it away and buy another can if you don't have a nozzle from another product that will fit.


    After using spray paint, put nozzle on a can of brake cleaner and spray cleaner to clear the nozzle.

    Caulking tubes. Insert a long screw into the end and close the tip with masking tape.

  • Annie Annie on Dec 16, 2020

    If you want to do a tidy job, then you may need to buy another one. Once the tip is gone, its done.. Sorry..

  • I would try to get it exchanged. I don't even think you could put another similar tip on it.

  • Erica S Erica S on Dec 16, 2020

    I seriously had to rig it with my handy dandy pocket knife I couldn't get it to come out the same it's just came out all at once so I just placed it on a paper plate and used my finger to get the job done. My dad was super impressed I didn't have to call him for help. Thank u everyone for the feedback!!!

  • Cheryl A Cheryl A on Dec 16, 2020

    you could take a cap off another can and tried to see if it would work

  • Redcatcec Redcatcec on Dec 16, 2020

    Clean and swap out the nozzle with a similar nozzle, it might take some trial and error to do this, depends on the manufacturer.

  • Mogie Mogie on Dec 16, 2020

    The idea of using something like that freaks me out I just got done watching fail videos on utube.

    When in doubt throw it out (cause if can go wrong for me it does).

  • Could you let it off and put a cap for the new one on?

  • Dee Dee on Dec 18, 2020

    If you do not have another nozzle from another spray can. I would take it back to the hardware store. They should exchange it for you. I had a hard time with some texture spray and they took it back 3 times until the darn nozzle would not leak all over my hands instead of spraying on the wall.

  • Deb K Deb K on Dec 18, 2020

    Hi Erica, you can try to put another nozzle on it from another can, then make sure you clean it by holding the can upside down to clear it, then put it back on the other can

  • Use one from another spray can.

  • Holly Lengner - Lost Mom Holly Lengner - Lost Mom on Dec 20, 2020

    Try replacing the tip with another nozzle if you have one. Otherwise, you can try cleaning out the tip and hopefully can use it again.

  • Libbie B Libbie B on Dec 21, 2020

    You can interchange them if you have another can with the same size.

  • Kathy Gunter Law Kathy Gunter Law on Dec 29, 2020

    Try swapping with another spray can n