Another Pretty Picture Frame With Unicorn Spit and Viva Kristall- G

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Perhaps I will end up like those 70's sitcom actors that can't break out of their . I just love re-doing picture frames as gifts for people - they can put in their own pictures as they choose.
My nephew and niece in law have a beautiful baby girl and she is getting baptized at the end of April. Her colors are tan, sage green, and peach. Let the spitting begin!
Here is the garage sale frame I picked up - pretty detail I thought. So I first took out the glass and laid that aside. I scrubbed the frame with TSP and a soft brush to clean it and to help the unicorn spit adhere. Normally I would add a coat of mod podge but I decided to see how it would do without it.
Then I mixed Unicorn spit navajo jewel with some white ning to lighten it up to a sage green.
Using a small paint brush I painted the entire frame with the blue mixture. Some of the tan was showing through the blue and it looked really cool - a vintage patina look.
Next I mixed up a peach color using Pixie Punk Pink, lemon kiss, and white ning unicorn spit. And of course added some glitter. Sorry, I can't recall my portions of color I used - just kind of eyeballed the shade to my liking and used a plastic tipped bottle I got at Joann Fabric to shake it all together.
Next I took another small paint brush and squeezed the color from the bottle directly onto the brush. I randomly painted on the peach color over the raised parts and on the various detail valleys - leaving some of the green peeking thru. I had no rhyme or reason here - just kept adding peach wherever I wanted...
Once that was all dry I decided to seal with Viva Kristall-Gel. This is an amazing product that adds a 3D holographic glitter effect and seals the unicorn spit as well.
I used a cheap chip brush and painted every nook and cranny with the gel.
Pictures just don't capture the pretty glow and glitter of unicorn spit and sealer. These colors and shine make me think of a fairy garden.
I'm attaching a short video of the finished frame so you can really see the beautiful colors.
Suggested materials:
  • Unicorn Spit   (Online vendors)
  • Picture Frame   (Garage sale)
  • Paint brushes   (Joann Fabric and Ace Hardware)
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