DIY Home Decor - Super Gorgeous Decorative Balls From Recycled Items

by PurposefulCrafts
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Hello World!

Came up with a simple DIY recycled craft idea from left overs that we usually throw away. Check it out and post your comments and feedback.

Things required:
1. Aluminium Foil
2. Sports Tape or Cloth Tape
3. Hot Glue
4. Coffee Beans
5. Pistachio Shells
6. Dates Seeds
7. Tamarind Seeds
8. Cherimoya Seeds
9. Eucalyptus Seed Pods
10. Paper Towel

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Collected the seeds (recycled instead of throwing away)
Handmade balls with coloring (Keep any color of your choice)
Adding acrylic paint to the balls (Gold glitters!!)
Decor Balls

From recycled seeds that we usually throw away saved them and made them as a perfect home decor item. icon

Check out the whole process here!icon

Suggested materials:
  • Seeds   (From fruits and groceries)
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