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One of my favorite things to use Unicorn SPiT on is canvas! Michaels just had their value packs of canvas on sale so I picked up 10!
Just a simple 8x10 canvas.
Straight from the bottle, full strength, I randomly squirted the Unicorn SPiT onto the canvas.
Using a spray bottle, I spritzed water onto the SPiT.
I cut a piece of clear garbage bag just bigger than the canvas & laid it over the SPiT. Make sure there are no air bubbles. You can lift the corner of the plastic up so the air will escape if needed.
A quick spritz of water on top of the plastic so you hands can glide, start moving the gel around with your hands & fingers.
I decided it needed some white, so I just lifted half the plastic on one side & dripped some on. Replaced the plastic & did the same to the other side. Once the plastic was back in place, again moved the gel around with my hands.

Removed the plastic by grabbing the four corners & pulling up at the same time. Depending on how you decide to remove the plastic, will determine part of your design. I wanted it to look more like clouds so I blew on the wet gel until I got the look I wanted to achieve.
Completely dry! Ooooh!
The MAGIC! Unicorn SPiT comes to life when you seal it!! You get the most amazing 3D effects! I'm using clear gloss polyurethane on mine. I love the sleek finish it gives my pieces. I will use at least 3 coats.
This product is so easy to use & FUN! Even if you don't think you have creativity, you can use this & make something amazing! There are no mistakes. You can add more to it, like I did here, if you think it needs it or if you're not satisfied, it cleans up with water so you can start again. There is no other product on the market like this!!
Suggested materials:
  • 8x10 canvas   (Michaels)
  • Unicorn SPiT   (UnicornSPiT.com)
  • Plastic
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  • Mom30942509 Mom30942509 on Dec 07, 2017
    When doing the clear polyurethane, did you to use a paint brush? If so, did it leave ”brush marks”?

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