Four Unique Side Table Ideas

Whether it’s holding a stack of books or functioning as the catchall for your electronics, a side table is always convenient (especially next to your bed). If you’re in the market for a new one, but would rather skip the furniture store, think DIY. Here are four ideas:

Hold onto your hats – this may be the easiest DIY project ever! Take a nice looking, clean wastebasket. Then flip it over. Done! If you’re feeling extra crafty, you can make the project a little more stylish by giving the basket a coat of spray paint before you bring it into your bedroom. If you’re looking for an inexpensive, attractive wastebasket, we like this option from Amazon (see link at bottom).
Tree Stump.

If you’re on board with the “bring the outdoors in” trend, then find a few tree stumps and start crafting. If you’re not sure where to find tree trunks in your area, ask around – you can often purchase trunks from a tree cutting company. Before bringing a trunk into your home, dry it out (this step takes patience). Once it’s dry, you can remove the bark, sand it down and add wheels. Side table full of character? Check! For more details and styling tips, visit A Beautiful Mess (see link at bottom).
Old Record.

If you have an old record in your collection that you don’t mind upcycling, turn it into a table! Can’t stand to part with any of your beloved vinyl? Scavenge a local thrift store for an oldie that’s not so much of a goodie. Pick up a planter stand for the base, hot glue the record flat onto the top of the stand, and you’ve got yourself a table! Check out The Flourishing Abode for more photos and step-by-step details (see link at bottom).
Cardboard Tube.

If you have a handsaw in your toolbox that you’ve been itching to use, but haven’t had the chance, this side table project is perfect! Grab a big cardboard tube from the local hardware store, and put your handsaw to work. We love this project because you’re in control of your table’s height, so if you have an extra-tall bed, you can make an equally tall side table. Bonus: The total cost of the project was $27! For detailed instructions, visit Matsutake.

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