How to Make Notepads From Scraps

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Give your old paper scraps new life!
I have a TON of scrap paper from my scrapbooking project, and the box of scraps seems to grow uncontrollably, but I can't make myself just throw them away... so this was the perfect project that totally made my day!!!
I picked out the pieces of paper you can write on with a regular black pen and still read the writing(that means all my black and dark scraps didn't get used, but I'm planning to make a few super dark ones to use my white gel roller in... )
I cut the scraps into different sizes, e.g. 6x3 inches and 3x3 inches, and kept on cutting until I had enough to make a notebook.
I sorted all the bits so that I don't have the same paper twice in a row.
I made sure all the paper scraps were lining up perfectly on the end I was going to glue(if you don't, the notepad will fall apart after gluing, loose pieces of paper will fall out...)
I used binder clips to hold everything in place, and then applied a good amount of school glue(the good thing about using crappy glue is that it is easy to tear off the pages as you use the pad)
I used my finger to make sure the glue covered the entire surface. The glue will dry "flat", so don't be afraid to use A LOT of glue, but not to the point of it running down the sides...
I put some binder clips on the top as well to hold the papers tight while the glue dried.
I used som cardstock cut to size as the back of the notepad...
And as the front, I cut a piece the same with as the pad, but about an inch longer, and I put a sticker label on the front as decor and to write the name of the owner or simply "NOTES" on...
I folded the front cover around the pad, and scored it so it will fold nicely.
I then put glue on the inside of the back flap...
...and then glued it to the cardstock like this.
The last step is to glue the pad onto the cardstock when the school glue has dried, and there you go: A new notepad from your old paper scraps!!!
I can't WAIT to use mine, and they make such cute presents as well! Have fun!
Suggested materials:
  • Paper scraps
  • School glue
  • Cardstock
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  • Jewellmartin Jewellmartin on Apr 05, 2016
    Your notepad idea is sensible, responsible, and still creative! I use school glue whenever I can because it is so forgiving and east to clean up. I have several specialty glues, but I'm almost afraid to use them! I saw you used a different glue to affix the cover, and I don't recognize the brand or type. Is it a glue stick? Are the labels you used here available at Hobby Lobby or Walmart?

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  • Patrick Knauf Patrick Knauf on Apr 06, 2016
    I'm sure you do, it's been around for years. If not local try Elmers Rubber Cement $1.89 4oz bottle goes a long way will harden if left open too long.

  • Lisa House Lisa House on May 29, 2016
    Nicely done