Nautical Wedding Decor-Table Numbers

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30 Minutes
So when you are crafty and your daughter says she's getting married your head spins with ideas right? Hahah, well mine did anyhow! The theme is Nautical so blue was the go to color and here in Newfoundland and Labrador we have access to blue glass beer bottles from The Quidi Vidi Brewery Company. They make beer with iceberg water harvested from icebergs that pass by here each Spring. Here's how they looked at first before I soaked the labels off.
First I measured off the jute string to make the netting for the body of the bottle. Measurements are listed below.
With the shorter string being your starter string I added the six long strings to it before tying it around the bottle neck. Diagram below should help you with how I did that, the long string is folded in half, laid underneath the shorter string and the bottom ends loop through the midway point around the short string and pull taut.
Once all six are tied to the starter string it'll look like this.
I simply tied a knot in the short string once it was fitted around the bottle neck. The ends were dabbed with tacky glue to prevent fraying and tucked into the starter string. Next, I began tying knots by pulling the two strings together and eyeballing the distance from each row. I continued on down row by row twisting the bottle around as I completed the knots.
Once I made it to the bottom of the bottom I flipped it over and shortened the ends so they reached midway across the base. .
I again applied tacky glue and pressed the strings into the glue and concealed all of that with a felt circle previously measured and cut to fit the bottles base.
Next was wrapping the jute string around the bottle neck, again using tacky glue at the start and throughout the wrapping. Its a perfect glue for this because it dries clear!
As a tip, I found a great use for my Hometalk mug, a glue holder so that as I wrapped the bottle the glue was always ready to squeeze wait time for it to run down the bottle! Another tip was having water and paper towel ready to clean excess glue from my fingers!
The jute string got finished off as I started it, with a dab of glue to the string tip and press it into the wrapped jute string until the glue sets up enough to stop applying pressure. Lastly I applied a cobalt blue glass gem to the top with E6000 glue which is the perfect glue for glass.
To give you an overall view of them with cardboard tags added for the table numbers here they are.
They each took me about half an hour to make but it was something you could do as you watched T,V. or just sit relaxing listening to music as I often choose to do! I hope you enjoyed this project, they got the brides approval and that was my goal!

Suggested materials:

  • Beer Bottles   (Convenience Station)
  • Aleene's Tacky Glue   (Walmart)
  • Jute String   (Walmart)
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